Lagom Cabin / Neo Architects

Lagom Cabin / Neo Architects

The design approach was to integrate the interior and exterior spaces and to create a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor areas.

Viglostasi Residence / block722

Viglostasi Residence, Island of Syros / Block722

Nestled in the secluded, natural site of Greece‘s Cycladic Island of Syros, Residence Viglostasi emerges as a single-family holiday dwelling like a traditional island settlement, perched on rocky slopes above the Mediterranean Sea.

Waiheke House by Cheshire Architects

Waiheke Residence by Cheshire Architects

The Waiheke Residence was intended to support a version of life that rejected the digitalised and left the hum of the city behind. It needed to deliver a slower rhythm and tune in with the environment.

O Lofos House, Greece / Block722

O Lofos House, Greece / Block722

The green, wild Cretan landscape and the richness and heritage of traditional crafts define this new, thoroughly contemporary residential design by Block722.

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