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Project: Tamarama House
Architects: Porebski Architects
Interior design: Deco Interiors
Location: Sydney, Australia
Photography Justin Alexander

Tamarama House, a stunning beach residence completed by Sydney-based Decus Interiors and Porebski Architects, seamlessly blends the sophistication of city living with the relaxed vibe of beachside life. Nestled against a breathtaking ocean backdrop and designed with a non-linear floor plan, the home offers a unique and refined living experience for a family of four.

Integrating Spectacular Views

The spectacular water and valley views from almost every room in Tamarama House present a unique challenge. The goal was to create interior spaces that complement rather than compete with the natural scenery. Decus Interiors rose to this challenge by designing interiors with a sense of theater and drama that enhance the home’s natural beauty. They employed a high-contrast, monochromatic base palette to introduce pockets of darkness throughout the home. This contrast provides a striking balance to the lightness outside and offers visual respite from the bright, sunlit exteriors.

Personalized Spaces

Personalization is key in Tamarama House. Each sleeping and bathing space reflects the individual tastes of the family members. The design process involved the whole family, who helped select the colors and finishes for their personal spaces. This collaborative effort ensures that each room is unique and tailored to the occupant’s preferences.

Artistic Inspiration

The clients’ art collection played a significant role in shaping the interior design of the living spaces. Key pieces of art provided inspiration for the selection of furniture, lighting, and soft furnishings. This artistic influence ensures that the home is not only stylish but also deeply personal. Furthermore, the living areas transition fluidly from smart-casual during the day to cocktail-party elegance in the evening, reflecting the dynamic lifestyle of the family.


Tamarama House is a testament to the successful collaboration between Decus Interiors and Porebski Architects. It demonstrates how thoughtful design can create a harmonious blend of city sophistication and beachside relaxation. Consequently, the result is a home that is both beautiful and functional, offering the perfect setting for a family to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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