TLV Apartment / OMY Studio

TLV Apartment by OMY Studio

Located in Tel Aviv – Yafo, Israel, TLV apartment was designed by OMY Design, a interior design studio founded in 2014 by Ofri Danon & Maya Shelef.

From the architect: The apartment’s concept is derived directly from our client’s request, a classic timeless style that will stand out in its unique elegance.

TLV Apartment by OMY Studio 1

The design came first and foremost from the client, a family of 4, art collectors, warm people, who love to entertain.

TLV Apartment by OMY Studio 2

The main challenge was the apartment’s size, lack of light and air circulation. A skylight that lights up the entire apartment was added above the staircase. In order to utilize the stair-case, we created a built-in kitchen storage.

TLV Apartment by OMY Studio 3

The client’s desire was not to have a defined ordinary living space and kitchen. They wanted it to fit all their collections and unique style, with a hotel or a movie scene feel, and to showcase their artistic style elegantly.

TLV Apartment by OMY Studio 4

TLV Apartment by OMY Studio 5

TLV Apartment by OMY Studio 6

TLV Apartment by OMY Studio 7

TLV Apartment by OMY Studio 8

TLV Apartment by OMY Studio 9

TLV Apartment by OMY Studio 10

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