How-To & GuidesTop 10 Travel-Inspired Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a Unique Look

Top 10 Travel-Inspired Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a Unique Look

As an ongoing global pandemic has made traveling less accessible than ever, it is time to bring joy and excitement of travel to your home! Travel-inspired interior design will allow you not only to display your souvenirs but also create an adventure-inducing atmosphere at home. So, do not waste your time, and start implementing small unique changes today!

Below, you will find ten travel-inspired decor ideas for your home to make it look unique and intriguing. They range from adding a map, displaying your collections, and introducing Moroccan textile to adding exotic patterns and sticking to a coastal color palette, among other things. Read on and turn your home into a pilgrim’s haven!

Display Your Souvenirs in a Vintage Suitcase

Once you come back from your trip to some exotic destination, do not hurry to hide all your artifacts in garage storage cabinets. On the contrary – you have to show the world your travel memories. The best way to do it is to place your souvenirs in a suitcase and display them in a prominent place. This way, you will not only remind yourself and everyone else where you have been but also create some sort of an inspiring atmosphere in your home.

Top 10 Travel-Inspired Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a Unique Look

Invite a Tribal Art

If you are a fan of tribal art, do not hesitate to introduce it in your home! Whether you already have some works of art or want to buy some, just make sure that they fit the space.

For instance, if your room is very small, it is better not to choose big pieces. However, if you have an empty wall or a big wall that needs some decoration, tribal art will also become an excellent addition. The same goes for large spaces where tribal art will make all the difference.

Introduce Moroccan Textiles and Fabrics

Introduce Moroccan Textiles and Fabrics

Moroccan textiles and fabrics are fantastic for those who are planning to introduce tribal accents into their homes. They add a rich color palette and intricate patterns to any space. Just be careful with choosing particular pieces because they can easily overpower the room and make it look crowded.

However, if you do not mind putting more attention on them in favor of other interior design elements, these beautiful textiles will be an excellent choice.

Display Your Artworks in a Series

A series of paintings or photographic prints will make a perfect home decor idea for all those who love to collect various artworks. They will create a unique atmosphere in the room and allow you to give the space a certain mood or theme. For example, you can arrange your collection according to colors or themes like nature or travel-inspired motifs and make your home feel creative and carefree!

Arrange Your Books Back-to-Back

Do you spend a lot of time at home? Then, it makes sense to create a cozy reading corner in your home! You can do that by arranging your books back-to-back on a shelf just below the window or another prominent wall. This way, you will create a cozy reading corner and add some character to the room. Thus, this idea is worth trying out!

Top 10 Travel-Inspired Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a Unique Look

Hang Your Maps on the Wall

Maps are perfect for those who love traveling and want to remember each trip in detail. You can hang your maps back-to-back in order to save space and create an interesting focal point in the room.

These maps will also be great for those who want to add more character to their living space without spending too much money. Just make sure that they reflect your style and bring some joy to your everyday life.

For example, you can add a map of your hometown or a map of the places where you have traveled. Another idea is to make a collage of your favorite destinations or use colored stickers to create an interesting piece of art.

Maps on the Wall

Create a Coastal Color Palette

The bright beachy color palette is perfect for those who love coastal designs. If you have an ocean view outside of your window or live close enough to the beach, it makes sense to use such colors inside your home as well.

However, even if you do not live close to the beach, you can still create an imaginary beachy vibe by introducing turquoise blue, seafoam green, orange hues, sandy beige as well as nautical accents like anchors and starfish motifs. These colors will make the space more vibrant and fun!

Go Crazy with Patterned Rugs

Go Crazy with Patterned Rugs

You can choose small round rugs, large Moroccan rugs or tapestries to create a unique style in your home. The rugs are an excellent choice for those who want to add some color and pattern to their floors. Just make sure that you keep the rugs on the same color palette and do not let them take too much attention in the room. This way, they will be a perfect design element for your home.

Introduce a Wooden Headboard to Your Bedroom

If you are looking for an easy way to spice up the look of your master bedroom, think about introducing a wooden headboard! It is perfect for those who love wood accents and are looking for an easy way to add some character to their bedrooms. You can also introduce other wooden elements in your bedroom, such as a vanity table, nightstands, cabinets, etc.

Choose a Single Piece of Art as Your Focal Point

Choose a Single Piece of Art as Your Focal Point

A single piece of art can make a world of difference! You can choose a large oil painting or a small framed photograph to make the space more enjoyable. Just make sure that you choose a picture that reflects your style and personality; otherwise, it will not look so good in the room. In addition, make sure that the focal point does not take too much attention and remains in the background.

Final Note

Travel-inspired interior design is all about creating a unique space that reminds you of your journeys. Such design options can help you bring in some joy to your life because they will instantly remind you of the wonderful trips you’ve had and start planning your next ones! It is also an excellent way to spice up the look of your home without spending too much money. So, do not hesitate and start implementing these tips today!

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