Trendy Kitchen Colors 2023: The Best Kitchen Tiles Colours

Trendy Kitchen Colors 2021: The Best Kitchen Tiles Colours

Ever wondered what truly makes a kitchen pleasant for cooking? The cabinets, tile detaining and flooring play an important role. Picking a porcelain kitchen tile can either make or break your entire interior look. You need to be creative with the right texture, pattern as well as the colour scheme. When your tile colour matches the other parts of the kitchen like cabinets, knobs, faucet, sink and other things, it becomes an aesthetic & positive space.

Before you start looking for tiles in the market, make sure you are clear about a few things that would ease the entire renovation process:
1. How much space does your kitchen have?
2. Is there an adequate amount of light available?
3. Design of the kitchen
4. What colour will work great to open up the space
5. What kind of texture and pattern do you want?

Once these questions have been answered, it is time for you to look for the best porcelain tiles for your kitchen. We said ‘porcelain tiles’ because they work really well with places that come in contact with water and heat. These types of tiles are temperature resistant and easy to maintain. Find out the best porcelain tiles to revamp your kitchen.

Adding colour to the kitchen really does change everything for the area. The easiest way to amp it up is by adding trendy tiles in your kitchen.

The Best Kitchen Tile Trend in 2023

Want to give a new look to your kitchen interiors? One thing that will truly make a lot of difference is changing the tiles. We have a few ideas in mind that will work great for almost every kitchen type. Check out these amazing tile colours to remodel your kitchen.

Subtleness of White

Trendy Kitchen Colors 2021: The Best Kitchen Tiles Colours
One thing that can never go wrong in your kitchen space is white colour porcelain tiles. If your kitchen lacks natural lighting, adding white porcelain tiles can really help you open up the space. It is a boon for those with smaller kitchen areas since white is a very bright colour. Those who do not enjoy funky colours in the home can try out white ones. Since the colour white reflects peace and calmness, it is a great colour option to accentuate your entire kitchen’s look. You can accessorise other parts of your kitchen with golden detailing like washbasin faucet, door and window knobs as well as other parts of the space.

Earthy Tones

Trendy Kitchen Colors 2021: The Best Kitchen Tiles Colours
A lot of people prefer getting earthy coloured porcelain tiles in their kitchen. There are a lot of manufacturers who produce beautiful earthy tones. These tiles come in shades of brown, green and blue. These colours represent earth and, therefore, give a very natural touch to your space. Pair your porcelain kitchen tiles with contrasting colour accessories to add depth to your kitchen. These colours work well in opening the space. If your kitchen lacks natural lighting try out these beautiful colour tones to uplift the kitchen design.


kitchen design If you are someone who loves retro vibes, it’s time to remodel your kitchen area with multicoloured, quirky and funky porcelain kitchen tiles. You can either place it on the wall or floor depending on your inspiration and ideas. Bright colours can instantly lift your mood and create a vibe. Accessorising your kitchen area with antique colours or design cabinets can accentuate the whole look. A lot of manufacturers in the UK produce high-quality multi-coloured porcelain kitchen tiles that work for both walls as well as flooring. You can take inspiration from various magazines or architectural guides for better reference.

Shades of Grey

Trendy Kitchen Colors 2021: The Best Kitchen Tiles Colours If you love simple colours, we have a great colour option saved for you. It is ‘Grey’. We know how tricky it is to style grey colour into your kitchen interior, however, if done right it can visually change the whole space. The best thing about grey is that as well as good-looking colours that go wrong. You can play with different shades of grey depending on what your interior designer suggests and plans for you. You can add a hint of silver or gold coloured faucets or knobs to create depth. Install white coloured cabinets to enhance your grey porcelain kitchen tiles. A lot of popular manufacturers offer different shades of grey porcelain tiles for walls as well as flooring.

Pretty Peach

modern kitchen design Adding a beautiful shade of peach colour to your kitchen is never a bad option. Get help with styling those tiles for better results. You can go for tech shirt porcelain tiles or get a chevron look depending on how much space you have as well as what you truly want in your kitchen. Installing brick designed peach tiles is one of the best ways to open up the space. Peach is a sophisticated colour and looks classy; you can accessorise your kitchen with rose gold items to add beauty. Find a metallic fruit basket that will go well with this colour. The best thing about porcelain tiles is that they are really easy to clean and maintain. These kitchen tiles are water and heat resistant making them best for such areas. Adding a light colour to your kitchen space helps you spot any minute dirt and wipe it off easily with the help of a cleaner.

There are varieties of kitchen tiles that you can find in the market. These are super easy to install as well as maintain and last a really long time. If you are curious about which colour to pick, do not hurry and do your research. Even with the simple tiles, you can still design your space in a unique way. We hope you find the perfect tiles for your perfect kitchen!

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