10 Surprising Designer Tips For Wall Décor

10 Surprising Designer Tips For Wall Décor

Walls take up substantial space in any home and anyone serious about interior design will never miss the opportunity to decorate them in a special and unique manner. Here are some surprising designer tips to make your wall décor stand out from the rest and provide plenty of excellent conversation starters for when guests come over.

1. Accent Walls With Framing

Accent walls are immediately eye-catching especially if they have been painted in a sensible contrast to the main wall color. Some designers prefer bold statement walls in very bright or dark colors and that can add a contemporary charm especially for rooms like the kitchen or the dining area. Adding some molding or framing with wood or metal can up the ante as far as the statement wall is concerned and almost invalidate the need for additional wall art pieces. Molding does not have to be elaborate, it can be simpler for a modern charm.

2. An Exotic Self-Painted Mural

For the self-taught artist extraordinaire, making a mural on one of your home’s larger, empty walls can be a huge statement in itself. It is a unique undertaking, it showcases talent and purpose and you as the artist can unleash your creativity on the right wall. While abstract painting concepts are very popular you can draw scenery, animals, or even patterns and the visual impact will speak for itself. A mural can always be painted on a statement wall or joined with other design elements like mirrors or foliage.

3. Bookshelves As Far As The Eye Can See

Bookshelves not only display intellect and a curious, vivacious mind, but they are also an excellent type of wall décor. You can convert entire walls to bookshelves or floating shelves or use books as standalone décor on and under tables. When installing bookshelves, consider painting them in navy blue or green for a sophisticated European touch.

Bookshelves need not be only for books but can be used for displaying framed quotes, pet portraits, glass figurines, decorative vases and bowls and anything else you fancy. Many people collect vintage typewriters and radios for aesthetic purposes and a bookshelf is the perfect place to show your passion for antiques or any other kind of sentimental purchases and collectibles.

4. A Wall Hanging Gigantic Clock

While in the past grandfather clocks were incredibly popular and often used for decorative purposes, they are not readily found in most modern homes today. Gigantic wall clocks however are a beautiful wall décor option especially if they possess art work or an abstract design that can enhance their splendor. Invest in a large wall clock, the larger the better and position it above a couch or a table so it is the main focal point of the room.

5. Mount Entertainment

Televisions and other similar entertainment devices can be placed on tables or other storage units but mounting them opens up the space and draws attention to them. Always mount your television and design the room around it so seating etc should align with it. Televisions especially more expensive ones can easily be one of the only statement pieces you need in any one room.

6. A Wall Of Favorite Quotes

Having a quote on a wall has several advantages, not the least of which is that it stays visible and you can revise and memorize it. If you frame a quote or a page from a book that particularly resonates with you, it will give you joy and direction every time you look at it. Literary enthusiasts prefer a gallery wall of favorite book and movie quotations to kick start their day as well as to share their interests with guests that visit the house.

10 Surprising Designer Tips For Wall Décor

7. Sentimental Keepsakes

Wall décor items that make your heart sing and are sentimental to you like a watercolor dog painting are an excellent choice to display in your home. Designers are always looking to create a unique appeal that is very specific to the homeowner’s passions and interests. In upscale homes and apartments, a great deal of emphasis is placed on statement pieces that have a special sentimental or artistic value. Sentimental keepsakes can also be displayed on floating shelves as wall décor but they should always be kept at a height to keep them away from children and pets.

8. Display Your Photography

Artistic photographs are always a delight to see especially if they are curated in a monochrome style with different vintage and contemporary frames. You can use professionally taken and edited personal photographs or ones of landscapes, everyday objects or various tourist destinations.

Photographs like art are very personal and provide great insight into the mind and heart of the homeowner. Mixing and matching photographs with framed wall art is another brilliant way to show the onlooker the objects and things that interest you. Old movie or music posters and framed memorabilia can be entertaining and comforting as they will remind you of the movies with which you have a fond association.

9. Think Fabrics

Fabrics are a frequently overlooked wall décor element that designers are not afraid to capitalize on. Whether it is a hand-woven wall rug or an exotic tapestry, fabric and textures add plenty of personality to a wall especially for larger living spaces. They can also be low-cost alternatives to expensive framed wall art or 3D wall art. DIY tapestries can be made as a home project with kids to showcase their creativity with something beautiful.

10. Fine Plates

Plates are a fun and quirky wall décor concept especially if they are souvenirs from other cultures and from traveling and hand-painted varieties can be works of art too. Even breadboards, trays, serving platters and different sized bowls can make for surprising and fascinating wall décor that will attract plenty of notice and provide visual impact. Specialty handmade plates or bowls can also be displayed on shelving as opposed to being hung up and it is all a matter of personal preference. If you are doing wall décor for the kitchen area you can do the same with wooden spoons and even baskets or metal pans.

10 Surprising Designer Tips For Wall Décor

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