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Turkish Real Estate in the Mountains – the Highest Possible Level of Comfort and Luxury

Turkish Real Estate in the Mountains Property in Turkey

For buyers who want to enjoy panoramas of the sea and the city, Turkish realtors offer a good alternative to coastal housing – real estate in the mountains. The cost of property in Mahmutlar, Antalya and Alanya make these deals even more attractive. But first let’s have a look at the questions to consider before purchasing any type of real estate in Turkey.

Questions to consider

We have collected five of the most popular questions, the answers to which will help you choose the right accommodation in Turkey.

1. How important is it to objectively assess the Turkish property market before buying?

Each country has its own laws, rules of the game, and market trends are determined. Without knowing the internal features and characteristics, it will not be possible to objectively evaluate the housing you like. The best solution is the help of specialists represented by real estate agencies.

2. Is the cost per square meter crucial in Turkish property pricing?

Of course, the price tag of a property is affected by the total number of square meters, but only in part. The thing is that the area of ​​​​apartments in Turkey is counted in a completely different way than in other countries, which includes not only the area of the premises, but also the space under the partitions, part of the landing and other public areas.

3. How important is it to accurately determine the purpose of a purchase?

Determining priorities and wishes is the key to the success of buying a home in Turkey. It is the goal that determines the end result, whether it is a vacation, permanent residence, a stable rental income or a profitable resale.

4. Is it possible to buy a good apartment cheaply?

Low prices, of course, always attract the attention of buyers. As a rule, too low a cost is a sign that you have a problematic living space or an illiquid property. However, with a competent approach, you can find inexpensive and high-quality real estate. For example, last-minute and promotional sales, the purchase of apartments from the developer at the initial stage of construction.

5. Which way to choose: independent purchase or the help of a real estate agency?

Buying an apartment in Turkey on your own or enlisting the professional support of a real estate company is an individual choice of the investor. If you speak Turkish, know local legislation, understand the intricacies of the market, you will most likely succeed in purchasing a property in a resort successfully. In other cases, we recommend contacting experienced licensed real estate agencies.

Advantages of housing in the mountains

The main advantages of housing in the mountains:

  • Good views from the windows and private area. You can enjoy beautiful views not only from the windows of apartments on the first coastline, but also in apartments or villas located on a hill, at the foot of the mountains. Such properties offer panoramas not only of the sea, but also of the historical part of the city or picturesque mountain ranges.
  • Solitude and silence. If you are looking for the maximum secluded conditions for permanent living surrounded by beautiful nature, we recommend that you pay attention to housing located near the mountains. Before buying, you should ask about the level of infrastructure development: are there all the necessary public facilities nearby – shops, pharmacies, ATMs and much more. Because your comfort depends on it.
  • Low prices. One of the most important characteristics that determines the pricing of Turkish resort real estate is the distance from the beach. The farther from the coast, the cheaper the cost of the property. Therefore, at the foot of the mountains, you can buy high-quality apartments with a decent level of diverse internal infrastructure at a price much lower than in the immediate vicinity of the beach.
  • High liquidity. With the right choice of property, especially in developing areas, you can count on good resale dividends in the future. Already after the complete improvement of the area, the cost of housing will naturally soar in price.

A conditional lack of real estate in Turkey near the mountains is the distance to the beach, which will have to be overcome on foot or by car. This feature is compensated by the beautiful nature and the opportunity to take a pleasant walk around the city, as well as regularly running public transport. So, getting to the sea is not difficult at all. If you are planning to buy a villa, most likely there will be a swimming pool on your own plot.

Real estate in Turkey
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Turkish Real Estate in the Mountains

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