Lola Glamour: a world full of color and sophisticated design

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World full of color - Lola Glamour, (15)

With a well defined vision, the two Spanish designers, Felix and Desiree, brother and sister, bring passion and creativity through their work trying to give us access to a world full of color and unic design, cause us joy and positive emotion. They are the artists behind the Spanish company of supplies Lola Glamour. The pieces with strong personality, Lola Glamour supplies can become “the main character” in any home because it offers a variety of attractive and seductive shapes, materials and colors. Such supplies, representatives of an overflowing creativity, stimulate the imagination, inspire and tempt while having the power to transform the space into a unique universe.

World full of color - Lola Glamour, (18)

The pieces are handmade by the Spanish artisans, each putting his cultural mark and bringing his own contribution to the aesthetic and identity of the furniture. Without limiting to be a joy for the eyes, the pieces are created to “touch souls”, to raise questions and passions. The materials used are of good quality, such as cherry wood, designed to ensure a long lifetime of the furniture. The surfaces support an aging process to give the product a special patina and personality. All pieces are handmade, there is a great freedom in terms of color, patina, finishes, so the product can adapt to the project chosen by each for his room. The adjacent photos are eloquent for the fact that Lola Glamour pieces are more than furniture, they are originality and attitude, passion and color. Enjoy photos!

World full of color - Lola Glamour, (4)

World full of color - Lola Glamour, (6)

World full of color - Lola Glamour, (8)

World full of color - Lola Glamour, (11)

World full of color - Lola Glamour, (14)

World full of color - Lola Glamour, (22)

World full of color - Lola Glamour, (23)

World of color - Lola Glamour, 1

World of color - Lola Glamour, 1 (1)

World full of color - Lola Glamour,

World full of color - Lola Glamour, (24)

World full of color - Lola Glamour, (2)

World of color - Lola Glamour, (19)

World of color - Lola Glamour, (9)

World of color - Lola Glamour, (10)

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