Kubis Collection by Levantin Design

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Kubis Collection by Levantin Design (1)

Kubis is a collection of lamps designed by Ukrainian studio Levantin Design.

Kubis Collection of lamps is our shaping attempt in terms of searching the new reality. Having combined the latest tradition of art direction graphic design with the basic elements of the graphical philosophy of suprematism from the beginning of the 20th century: quadrangle, cross and circle, we made an effort to transfer from the two-dimensional plane the typical features of the both styles, by integrating them in each other, and thus creating an abstract image in three-dimensional reality. The painting of Kasimir Malevich “Suprematic composition” (1916) was chosen as representative of suprematism, in such way creating a design collaboration of two phenomena 100 years apart. “KUBIS” is an image lacking any content, which can be neither conveyed with meaning nor thought away.

Kubis Collection by Levantin Design (2)

Kubis Collection by Levantin Design (3)

Kubis Collection by Levantin Design (4)

Kubis Collection by Levantin Design (5)

Kubis Collection by Levantin Design (6)

Kubis Collection by Levantin Design (7)

Kubis Collection by Levantin Design (8)

Kubis Collection by Levantin Design (9)

Kubis Collection by Levantin Design (10)

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