Collection of Suspended Lamps: Ululi-Ulula

Collection of suspended lamps Ululi-Ulula

Project: Collection of suspended lamps
Designers: Mateo Ugolini Design
Brand: Karman
Dimensions: L 75.0cm x H 75.0cm x P 75.0cm

Ululi-Ulula is a collection of suspended lamps realized by the Italian designer Mateo Ugolini for the brand called Karman. The lamps are globular in shape, the designer bringing to life his desire of bringing the moon closer to us, shown from the fact that the lamps resemble a full moon. The suspended Ululi-Ulula lamps are made from lace painted fiberglass, a pattern designed to mimic the mountainous shapes from the moon’s surface. Available for indoors and in a multitude of color combinations, this lamp can bring romance and a dreamy atmosphere inside your household.

Collection of lamps by the Italian designer Mateo Ugolini

Make entered the moon in your home, the one that inspires the arts and dreams. This pendant light offers a spectacular finish combining resin and lace. This model of small format, consists of a ceiling rose, a cable sling, and a spherical diffuser fiber glass white finish with black lace inserts. Suspended alone or in a group, it can be associated to its declination smaller size. Ulula will fit in perfectly with a sweet and poetic atmosphere in your living room, bedroom, dining room .

Collection of lamps - Ululi-Ulula

About Matteo Ugolini
Matteo Ugolini was born in Pesaro, Italy in 1973. At 19, he began his studies at the University of Design in Ancône.
Matteo began working for design and architecture studio Telemaco and stayed for 10 years. He created interior decoration objects, beds, tables and chairs as well as restored period objects for a number of villas.
In 2008, he moved on to Karman as the artistic director. He produced his first lighting collection, renewing the Karman style.
Matteo Ugolini doesn’t describe himself as designer; he just designs what he likes most. His aim is to excite and create emotion remembering that the past and nature are deeply connected. His lines and shapes are simple, brought towards what is essential with soft natural colors.

Collection of lamps by designer Mateo Ugolini

Collection of suspended lamps

Ululi-Ulula - by the Italian designer Mateo Ugolini


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