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5 Home Renovations to Squeeze in Before Winter

While many of us associate home improvement tasks with the new year and spring cleaning, the months following summer are perfect for getting some tweaks done. In truth, there are specific tasks that must be finished before winter arrives, such as those that make your house cozier or make it more welcoming to holiday visitors. Some smaller maintenance tasks can also improve your home’s longevity.

Here are some autumn house improvements to wrap up before Santa Claus shows up.

1. Update your insulation

As insulation settles over time, it might leave certain areas of your house unprotected from the cold. Inspect the insulation in your home’s attic, garage, and other places where cold air could enter, such as vents and light fixtures.

It’s also possible you own a metal building such as a barn or even a barndo. How to insulate an existing metal building is a question you should be asking before winter comes. Luckily, the process isn’t much different than insulating a regular building. You will just need a bit more prep. It’s advisable to contact the professionals before you start DIY-ing the insulation since the process can be pretty complicated, especially if you already have some type of existing insulation.

2. Check your heating works

Call a professional who will check your furnace or heat pump to ensure it is clean, in working order, and operating at maximum efficiency, as stated by the manufacturer. They must also check if there are carbon monoxide leaks during the check.

You don’t want to be the 200th person in line for repairs on the coldest day of the year. Therefore you should take care of it as soon as possible. Try to choose a heating and cooling company whose employees are experts in the business.

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3. Pool and patio remodel

The pool is the perfect place to spend a hot summer day. When the weather cools down in the autumn, it’s an excellent time to tackle any substantial pool and patio maintenance, redesign, or installation.

Since pool repair professionals are in great demand during the summer months, this is also the off-season for them, which is good news. Their schedules lighten up significantly in the autumn, making them more accessible to finish your pool makeover. It’s a good idea to include pool-related items on your autumn home improvement list since their costs also tend to reduce during the off-season. There are many ways to effectively renovate your pool, so make sure to contact only the best professionals.

All of these considerations are also important when designing or renovating a patio. Having a patio or deck installed in the autumn or simply remodeled means that it will be ready to use in the spring without having to wait for the busy spring and summer seasons.

4. Your garage deserves a declutter

Most people don’t use their garages only for parking. It’s often a place to keep your garden equipment, toys, and off-season clothes. It can also be a mini-workshop for do-it-yourself home improvement tasks.

With the impending arrival of snow and ice, it’s essential to provide breathing room for your cars. To avoid the hassle of clearing snow and ice off your vehicle after every winter storm, park it in your garage for the duration of the season.

Cars that are protected from the weather have a longer lifespan because moving parts are less likely to freeze, extending the service life of the vehicle overall. Get started cleaning and rearranging the garage now so you can keep your automobile in a dry, warm place all winter.

5. Maintain your lawn

Lawn mowers can make your yard look better, so keep on mowing if your lawn seems healthy! The late summer weather is ideal for grass growth, so if you want a tighter cut, lower your mower’s cutting height and mow more often, at least once a week.

Remove no more than a third of a grass leaf at a time to prevent wilting. It’s never a good idea to mow the lawn too short.

When grass growth slows down in the autumn months, you may prepare your lawn for the winter by increasing the mower’s height setting.

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