Modern Bathroom Designs by Nataly Bolshakova

As the place you start and end each day, the bathroom is as important as any other room in your house. However sometimes the design of the restroom may feel lack of attention and personality.

There are several key points to take into account when designing bathroom: water-friendly surfaces, lighting, combination of colours and materials. Be sure to apply restroom utilities that correspond to your personal needs, rather then follow modern trends or last high-tech innovations.

To avoid having lots of hard, shiny surfaces, we suggest adding variety of textures, such as wood, marble, textiles. For walls we love to use some gorgeous patterned bathroom wallpaper or noble marble panels with vivid designs. Expressing personality and character of the room can also be resolved by using specific colour theme. And, of course, cleverly positioned mirrors can completely change the mood of the restroom.

In this exclusive selection of 4 modern bathrooms with thoughtful aesthetics we would like to inspire you for own design ideas for a cosy and stylish lavatory.

Modern Bathroom Designs by Nataly Bolshakova

The Modern Country House

For this contemporary spacious bathroom of the 2-floor country house we decided to use noble and elegant finishes: Sahara Noir Italian marble and porcelain stoneware by Ardesi. Keep it simple, so fresh and modern at any time.

Elegant mix of black and white marble set the tone of voice in the design of the bathroom, while natural teakwood details have added some softness and contrast. Large mirror behind the sink helped to deepen the space. While high windows facing the courtyard of a country house created a feeling of combining space with nature, open it to sunlight.

Modern Bathroom Designs by Nataly Bolshakova

We picked contemporary plumbing fixtures by Gessi, and graceful lighting by Santa&Cole to emphasize the modern look of the room. Little square ottoman in the centre is just that final touch you need to make all work together in the most beautiful and harmonious way.

The Extravagant Emerald Villa

For this eclectic-style project of a private villa we decided to use a pictures water resistant wallpaper with floral pattern by Limerence, from the gorgeous House of Hackney collection.

Modern Bathroom Designs by Nataly Bolshakova

When interior design looks like a glistening picture, the bright background requires balance with intense and vivid strokes. Therefore, we used a black-and-white tiles and dark wood for bathroom furniture surfaces, while still enhancing the ambience by interesting lighting features.

In such interiors with an extravagant character it is essential to have a piece of art. For the emerald Villa we selected an original painting from a private collection from a modern Georgian artist, which became a real treasure of the whole space.

The Cosy Family Home

Sometimes bathroom is more of a place for an escape from a busy day, rather then a statement of personality. It requires careful, calm and soft design approach.

Modern Bathroom Designs by Nataly Bolshakova

Warm chocolate shades, repetitive symmetrical relief on the walls, textured and glossy surfaces of the bathroom furniture are defining the welcoming mood of this restroom. Such natural materials, as travertine, and natural light stone were used as it is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. We applied wood flooring finishes to further softening the ambience of the space.

Modern Bathroom Designs by Nataly Bolshakova

A horizontal mirror and a large open window gently framed by beige textiles make the room brighter without losing the atmosphere of intimacy and peace. Bathroom furniture collection Mitage by MillDue perfectly complemented the interior of this spacious and cosy restroom.

The Classy Residence in Monaco

When talking about modern bathroom ideas, classic is never out of the style. An independently standing bath gives this space a feeling of romance and relaxation. Laconic white sanitary ware together with noble brass accessories add luxury to this room, but do not detract from modernity.

bathroom, Nataly Bolshakova

Creamy and caramel shades are the basis of the design, inspired by sweet colours of confectionery, marshmallow and berries. A soft textile panel in a wooden frame and a contemporary picture on the wall add elegance and character to the bathroom.

interiors, Nataly Bolshakova

The highlight of the space is white sink with onyx finish, which has built-in lighting. It just makes this bathroom even more sophisticated.

Hope, that these modern bathroom design ideas will help you to create calm, welcoming and deeply relaxing space of your home. No matter what bathroom design style you chose, apply earthy, tactile materials to add to your space simplicity and a sense of harmony.

Nataly Bolshakova — founder and head of the studio Bolshakova Interiors, director of the Society of British and International Design in Ukraine, multiple international awards winner, as SBID International Design, Product Awards, European Property Awards, The International Design and Architecture Awards.

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