6 Things to Donate When Renovating

6 Things to Donate When Renovating

When renovating, homeowners are bound to come across many unnecessary items that will eventually end up cluttering the house if they’re not disposed of. Your unwanted items can find new life with someone else, and you’ll have a more organized space once your renovation is complete. In addition to the immediate benefits of decluttering and helping others, donating items during your renovation can have long-term advantages. Here are six things that should be donated when renovating.

1. Furniture

During a renovation, it’s common to replace old furniture with new pieces that better align with your vision for your home. Most furniture donation centers accept couches, chairs, tables, and beds. Make sure the pieces are clean and in good condition before donating them. If you have large furniture to donate, some organizations may come and pick it up from your house for free. Alternatively, you can look for charity shops specializing in furniture donations.

2. Books

While some people may find it challenging to part with their books, donating unread or lightly used ones to libraries or charities is an excellent way to clear up some space. Public schools are also usually in need of textbooks and other educational resources, so consider donating those too. If these options fail, homeowners can also sell books to second-hand bookstores. Since books are generally lightweight, they’re easy to carry and donate.

3. Appliances

If you renovate your kitchen, you may upgrade your appliances to newer, more energy-efficient models. Many organizations will accept working refrigerators, stoves, and washing machines. Additionally, many of these organizations will pick up large appliances for free, making it easy to donate. With companies like Easy Donation Pickup, you can easily schedule pickup time that is convenient for you. It’s important to note that some places may only accept working appliances, so test them out before donation.

4. Light Fixtures

Remember to donate your old light fixtures when updating your home’s lighting. Many homeowners or DIY enthusiasts always look for unique, vintage, or affordable lighting options. Ceiling fans, chandeliers, and light fixtures are all items that many people need. Clean and test them before donating to ensure they are in working order. Additionally, some organizations accept light fixtures as donations and resell them to fund their programs or support community projects.

5. Clothing

Clothing donations are always in demand, particularly in the winter when many families struggle to afford warm coats and boots. It’s also important to note that any item of clothing that is torn, stained, or heavily worn should not be donated.

6. Electronics and Gadgets

Instead of letting old electronics gather dust or disposing of them improperly, consider donating them to organizations that refurbish and distribute them to underserved communities. Many charities and nonprofits accept donations of working computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices. Before donating electronics, wipe your personal data and reset the devices to their factory settings.

Donating items during renovation is a great way to declutter and help those in need at the same time. With these six suggestions, you can start giving away old items while making space in your house for the new.

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