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A Bright Spot in the Mountains

A Bright Spot in the Mountains

Project: A Bright Spot in the Mountains
Interior Design: A Lentil Design
Location: New Taipei City
Square meters: 109
Members: Two adults , one child and one dog.
Text by A Lentil Design

“Home is where the heart is.” After traveling around the world and taking countless pictures of various human cultures and sceneries, a photographer couple finally found their perfect home. This home, surrounded by mountains and water, is the most beautiful place they have ever witnessed.

living room, A Lentil Design

Located by the Gin Lon Lake, Xizhi, “A Bright Spot in the Mountains” is only a window away from nature. This residence, occupied by two adults, a child, and their pets, features breathtaking mountain views outside its French windows. Such views were the main reason why its adult occupants decided to settle here. They made it their dream to create a living space that is slightly “loft,” light industry-like, and daily life-oriented.

A Bright Spot in the Mountains

To improve the small and dim three-bedroom, two-living room, and two-bathroom space, the designer moved the central hallway near windows, drawing sunlight into the center of the living room. Large Japanese-style wooden windows were installed in the study room for a clearer view and to allow sunlight and air to extend from the living room all the way to the master bedroom, ensuring that the hallway is put to full use and easier to walk in. A viewing window was added to the originally dark children’s room, drawing sunlight and sparking fun interactions between the parents and child.

floor plan

A Bright Spot in the Mountains

dining room, A Lentil Design

A Bright Spot in the Mountains

bedroom, A Lentil Design

bedroom, A Lentil Design

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