Ark Shelter Cabin – Into the Wild

Ark Shelter - Into the Wild

Architects: Ark Shelter Studio
Project: Ark Shelter Cabin
Authors: Michiel De Backer, Martin Mikovčák
Location: Kysuce, North Slovakia
Year 2018
Photographer: BoysPlayNice
Text and photos: Courtesy of Ark Shelter Studio

Nowadays we live in a world where we are extremely busy and from time to time we need to escape from it. Escape from the stress, duties and civilizations back to our roots where it all started.

Ark Shelter - Into the Wild 1

The past 3 years we have been working on re-designing, building and testing different types of Ark Shelters. We want to create a place that gives you comfort in the heart of the nature and gives you the perfect setting for a detox of your mind.

Ark Shelter - Into the Wild 2

From this perspective we created a new Shelter cabin type: “into the wild cabin”. With his 5 openings all around we wanted to create a visual focus of the nature all around. Each opening brings in another atmosphere of the nature.

Ark Shelter - Into the Wild 3

There is a big openable wall side and the big front glazing makes you feel like you’re sitting outside. The milk glass window in the bathroom gives you the all-natural incoming light you need. We’ve made an extra module which is set on the roof and has a big window so you can sleep under a sky full of stars. The Shelter¨, with its low-tech outlook facade, is created so that it attempts to blend with nature, while refining its complex and sophisticated system that automatically works with space and light.

Ark Shelter - Into the Wild 4

Thanks to a automatical system the heating, cooling and shadings can be pre-programmed. The double-bed goes up automatically in the ceiling and beneath the bed there is a hidden jacuzzi, this creates a new relaxing area. The Ark Shelter Cabin can work completely off-grid through solar panels, batteries and rain water collector.

Ark Shelter - Into the Wild 5

The 40m2 has a central black box in the middle that creates 5 different areas, every single side is part of a particular area in the Shelter. The sliding doors in the corners create more space and the different areas can be completely divided.

Ark Shelter - Into the Wild 6

Thanks to the extra module on top we have more incoming light from above. The left part of the box works as a kitchen and a relaxing zone, the back of the box has a shower and a sink next to the window. Next to the bathroom we have the big bed and the jacuzzi. The extra module on top is another bedroom that you can also easily turn into a relaxing mediation zone.

Ark Shelter - Into the Wild 7

This new Shelter has been a totally new challenge for us an it’s all about the details, we wanted to create a place that has it all in least possible space but with all the possible luxury.

Ark Shelter - Into the Wild 8

Ark Shelter - Into the Wild 9

Ark Shelter - Into the Wild 10

Ark Shelter - Into the Wild 11

Ark Shelter - Into the Wild 12

Ark Shelter - Into the Wild 13

Ark Shelter - Into the Wild 14

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