Artworks by Jane Perkins: inspired by the found objects

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Artworks by Jane Perkins - www.homeworlddesign. com (11)

The artist Jane Perkins, from Great Britain, presents herself as a “re-maker”, getting inspired by the found objects to which she gives a new value by using them to achieve some extraordinary artworks. After working for a long time as a nurse and as a Mum at home, Jane Perkins obtained in 2006 a degree in Interior Textiles / Surface Design at Somerset College of Arts and Technology. During her studies at Somerset, she was drawn especially to recycling projects, for which, in the last year of studies she focused on such projects. Since 2008, she has been making iconic portraits from various found materials and since 2010 she has been working mainly with plastic objects, with their help she reinterprets famous artworks.

Artworks by Jane Perkins - www.homeworlddesign. com (13)

For her works, she uses any materials of suitable size and shape: beads, buttons, shells, plastic toys, puzzle pieces, etc. All these pieces are used as they are found without being colored. Her creations require laborious work , most of the time, long-lasting to “assemble” a multitude of different pieces, which in the end give life to some extraordinary works. Her works must be viewed in two different ways, both remotely and closely. From a distance, easily, it can be recognized and identified iconically the subject of the work. Viewed closely, with the view focused, the creation loses its mimetic properties and surprises you with a spontaneous and abstract arrangement made from various pieces. The works of art made by Jane Perkins are lovely and I am sure you will like them. Enjoy! For more information visit Jane Perkins’s website.

Artworks by Jane Perkins - www.homeworlddesign. com (9)

Artworks by Jane Perkins - www.homeworlddesign. com (8)

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Artworks by Jane Perkins - www.homeworlddesign. com (5)

Artworks by Jane Perkins - www.homeworlddesign. com (10)

Artworks by Jane Perkins - www.homeworlddesign. com (12)

Artworks by Jane Perkins - www.homeworlddesign. com (2)

Artworks by Jane Perkins - www.homeworlddesign. com (7)

Artworks by Jane Perkins - www.homeworlddesign. com (6)

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