Residential ArchitectureHousesBelcaro Residence by Sexton Lawton Architecture

Belcaro Residence by Sexton Lawton Architecture

Belcaro Residence

Sexton Lawton Architecture has designed and completed the modernization of Belcaro Residence, a single-family house in Denver, Colorado.

A midcentury modern ranch was expanded and renovated to accommodate a family of four. Strategic use of operable glass walls connect indoor and outdoor spaces while custom storage walls serve as both furniture and room dividers. Original flagstone chimneys are extended horizontally to form a new exterior fireplace and vertically to form a backdrop for the new mastersuite. Photography by Astula

Belcaro Residence 2

Belcaro Residence 3

Belcaro Residence 4

Belcaro Residence 5

Belcaro Residence 6

Belcaro Residence 7

Belcaro Residence 8

Belcaro Residence 9

Belcaro Residence 10

Belcaro Residence 11

Belcaro Residence 12

Belcaro Residence 13

Belcaro Residence 14

Belcaro Residence 15

Belcaro Residence 16

Belcaro Residence 18

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