Residential ArchitectureApartmentsBJ Apartment / Slava Balbek and Anna Riabova

BJ Apartment / Slava Balbek and Anna Riabova

BJ Apartment

Architects Slava Balbek and Anna Riabova have designed BJ apartment, a beautiful modern home located in Kiev, Ukraine. The apartment has an area of 74 sqm.

BJ Apartment 1

BJ Apartment 2

BJ Apartment 3

BJ Apartment 4

BJ Apartment 5

BJ Apartment 6

BJ Apartment 7

BJ Apartment 8

BJ Apartment 9

BJ Apartment 9

BJ Apartment 10

BJ Apartment 12

BJ Apartment 13

BJ Apartment 15

BJ Apartment 14

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