Residential ArchitectureApartmentsLight Scandi Apartment by TABOORET Studio

Light Scandi Apartment by TABOORET Studio

Light Scandi Apartment by TABOORET Studio

Project Name: Light Scandi Apartment
Interior Design: TABOORET Studio
Project team: Kateryna Churina, founder and head of TABOORET studio
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Size: 114 m2
Completed 2021
Photographs: Andrii Shurpenkov

The bright and spacious apartment is the embodiment of the charismatic personality of its owner, a woman with bright red hair and refined taste. Kateryna Churina and the team of TABOORET studio created an elegant interior where several styles were successfully combined.

kitchen, TABOORET Studio

White and gray tones, a large amount of warm wood in the design, elements of built-in furniture, cozy decor and textiles are from Scandinavian style.

Light Scandi Apartment by TABOORET Studio

Minimalism is in well-thought-out hidden storage solutions and colors that subtly shade each other. Elements of the classical style are used in the decoration of the walls with moldings and soft furniture. They added a unique character and some festivity to the interior.

dining area, TABOORET Studio

One of the main interior solutions of the apartment is chamber zoning. On 114 square meters, there is an entrance hall, a spacious kitchen integrated into the living room, a bedroom and a children’s room.

Light Scandi Apartment by TABOORET Studio

In this apartment a complete dismantling and re-installation of the walls was done. It helped to create comfortable proportions of the room, taking into account the built-in furniture.

living room, TABOORET Studio

One of the most complex designs was a luxurious 13-meter-long wardrobe that stretches from the hallway to the living room. It has been carefully designed with many areas for storing clothes and household items, as well as a large aquarium in blue shades and a TV area.

Light Scandi Apartment by TABOORET Studio

The heart of the Light Scandi apartment is the kitchen and living room. They are visually separated from each other by subtle color shades that can be traced on the facades of the furniture and continue on the walls.

Light Scandi Apartment by TABOORET Studio

Kateryna Churina paid special attention to the lighting. The interior of the apartment is surrounded by warm light, created by LED lights around the perimeter of the ceiling and on the furniture.

bedroom, TABOORET Studio

The focal point of the owner’s bedroom is a glass wardrobe with night lighting. It was designed by Kateryna specially for this project. Another unusual interior solution is an adjoining closet, which was placed between two pylons and replaced the wall between the bedroom and the nursery. All the drawers of this wardrobe are divided into zones that can be used from both rooms.

Light Scandi Apartment by TABOORET Studio

Kateryna Churina and the team of TABOORET studio combined comfort, simplicity and luxury, that made the Light Scandi apartment a real “oasis in the stone jungle”.

bedroom, TABOORET Studio

Light Scandi Apartment by TABOORET Studio

Light Scandi Apartment by TABOORET Studio

Light Scandi Apartment by TABOORET Studio

bathroom, TABOORET Studio

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