Hospitality ArchitectureLodgingCasa Ojalá, an Mobile Micro Home that Offers a New Accommodation Experience

Casa Ojalá, an Mobile Micro Home that Offers a New Accommodation Experience

Casa Ojalá, an Mobile Micro Home that Offers a New Accommodation Experience

The special collaboration between Casa Ojalá, masterpiece by the Italian architect Beatrice Bonzanigo among the most revolutionary of the contemporary already celebrated at an international level and Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco. Hospitality romance without equal in the heart of the ancient Val d’Orcia, a village of the most authentic elegance, that of simplicity, according to Massimo and Chiara Ferragamo.

Cradle of Casa Ojalá’s Unveiling, the Capanna vineyard, with an endless view. Surrounded by the hills that bring peace to the heart, in the 2000 hectares of the Resort of Castiglion del Bosco, spearhead of the collection of the leading Rosewood Group. To inaugurate a guest suite of a unique experience in the world, never conceived before, in which the fantastic takes place, according to one’s infinite wishes, all rigorously tailored made.

Casa Ojalá, an Mobile Micro Home that Offers a New Accommodation Experience A strongly desired ensemble by the architect, who sustains their organic spirit of listening and cultivating the Tuscan legacy of land and culture. “We are proud to launch, starting in Italy in synergy with Castiglion del Bosco, to offer its guests of exception an absolutely unique chance of enjoying and discovering the wonders of the Hotel”, explains Bonzanigo, President of Casa Ojalá srl, already internationally coveted.

“Emblem of the future of sustainable luxury, Bonzanigo’s creation could only rise here where our Brunello di Montalcino is born. A magical location, which runs over the ridge of the hills like a massive green river, to experience unrepeatable emotions”, declare Massimo and Chiara Ferragamo, founders of Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco, who have fallen in love with that secular landscape as if it was their own home.

Casa Ojalá, an Mobile Micro Home that Offers a New Accommodation Experience

Luxury Renaissance Beyond Architecture
An entirely creative challenge, of Italian doc enchantment, leading the way to a Luxury Renaissance, for a Home that becomes travel. Much more than architecture and trends of living, disrupting the traditional coordinates, turning volume into a show, a choice of freedom.

An engineering that appears to be fictional, so advanced that it becomes poetry of flexibility. A manual mechanism composed of ropes, handles made of soft natural leather, pulleys and cranks in a Jules Verne style. Echoing that Nautilus of inventions, for an assonance with the nautical realm, so dear to the creator. The carousel of magic invented by Beatrice Bonzanigo rolls up and unrolls walls of illusion. For an inspiration of genius, which allows equatorial okumè wood to be wrapped around a cylinder.

Leonardesque gears, rollable interior walls that dematerialize sliding on invisible binaries, retractable beds, even the toilette, through intriguing hatches, handled by unexpected winches, of stainless steel. Furnishings hiding beneath the mahogany floor, that emerge, hoisted, in lightness. Including the sink whose cover becomes a mirror, to be hanging at a bollard of femininity. Merry go round terrace, to be discovered through an internal ladder of adventure. One and only always on stage, the tub sculpture of absolute relax and the bioethanol fireplace, duo of intimacy. To enjoy after having discovered, half sailor in hand, the portholes of the roof, made ad hoc in bright ultra-performing fabric, that become cloves of sky. Because, to hug the stars, glass would get in the way. All in a blend of materials, coatings and outdoor fabrics, prestigious and authentic.

Casa Ojalá, an Mobile Micro Home that Offers a New Accommodation Experience

The Future of Luxury Travel 
A home in the making. A step beyond the traditional path of Luxury Travel, growing more and more with 1.198.3 billion dollars of development expected by 2025. “We are extremely happy about the partnership with Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco, ideal setting for the very first Casa Ojalá, among iconic vineyards of Tuscany. An identity at the highest degree between the extraordinary service of the Hotel, and the exclusive adventure offered by the Casa. Taking advantage of the places, free from the more conventional boundaries. I am convinced that uniqueness is going to be the added value of our future”, explains enthusiastically Ryan Nesbitt, the American globetrotter, co- Founder together with Beatrice Bonzanigo, expert entrepreneur in the field of renewables and of healthcare.

To inspire, with Casa Ojalá, new forms of storytelling for a flourishing and evolving tourism. From open air tastings to the most romantic dinners in total privacy, all to be experienced in the new dimension created by the passionate traveler Bonzanigo. To expand beyond the imaginary the experiences proposed by the Hotels in different locations surrounded by nature, and much desired by their clients. In the landscape of the spectacular Resorts, Casa Ojalá stands as a revolution, surpassing all amenities. Waking to the view of the Andes, in the desert or on the ocean shore, under the sun of the savannah. Perhaps, in the company of a giraffe coming to visit, for breakfast. To inhabit Nature, beyond all limits.

Casa Ojalá, an Mobile Micro Home that Offers a New Accommodation Experience

Multidimensional Sustainability
A confirmation of the affinity with Rosewood, the DNA of sustainability at its utmost power, that of nature, of the creation of the architect educated at the humanistic school of the great swiss masters. Materials and staging purely eco responsible. Selected woods, fabrics made from recycled plastic, in addition to the strictly handmade ceramic, of Italian mastery. Photovoltaic panels, rainwater recovery system, black water depuration advanced biological plant.

“Casa Ojalá, fascinating project that embraces the values of contemporary luxury on many levels, allows us to give our guests the joy of the Tuscan dream according to our philosophy of A sense of place which drives us in all what we do”, says Davide Bertilaccio, Regional Vice President and Managing Director of Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco. Resort with suites and fairytale villas, that treasures over 180 plants species in its bio garden, besides being completely plastic free. The property also hosts a private golf course and a winery producing Brunello di Montalcino through organic approach.

Casa Ojalá, an Mobile Micro Home that Offers a New Accommodation Experience

Hospitality Revolution
“I consider the Luxury of the Casa that I invented, a form of happiness for the guests of the best Hotels around the world. A sort of revival of handcraft as the root of evolution. Beyond the automatism of travel and living of our times, based on virtuality and hyper technology”, concludes Bonzanigo. Awarded abroad also for the works created together with her mother Isabella Invernizzi from IB Studio, partner of Casa Ojalá for the ideation and development of made to measure hospitality concepts. To make the synergy between the Casa and the accommodation structures more complete and harmonious.

The invention of the creative that has learned the lesson of an architecture of the senses over matter, was in fact born for those who love the very best, in the context of the most dreamt of Resorts. Whether they be by the ocean of Tulum, or among the Vermont forests or on the sands of Dubai.

Casa Ojalá, an Mobile Micro Home that Offers a New Accommodation Experience An unicum of stability and freedom at once, for a bien-être 100% made in Italy.
For true explorers, those who depart just for the pleasure of departing. To greet the traveler of the future globally. Allowing an extraordinary preview, starting from next Autumn, to the top clients of the company Casa Ojalá srl or of Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco, who will have the chance to admire the very first Casa Ojalá. Production in series is in fact beginning soon.

For a dream of infinite choice, like that of the name, deriving from the archaic Spanish Arabic, Ojalá. The search for immensity, in connection with the planet, making home our trip of awareness. To embrace the soul, catching its most authentic almost sacred, meaning.
This, the sense of evolved luxury, according to Casa Ojalá.

In collaboration with:
● Wood-Skin (wood walls)
● Victoria Yachting (mattresses and tailor-made bed sheets)
● Viabizzuno by Hi-Lite Next (lights)
● Serge Ferrari (technical fabrics for skylights and curtains)
● Harken by Mare Torino (track for sliding fabric)
● Agape (tub and taps)
● Rototec (black water depuration system)
● Culligan (rainwater depuration system)
● Veleria Viganò (curtains tailoring)
● Serramenti Simonetto (skytlights)
● Textim, Claudio Presotto (tailored fabric for parapet)
● Sunbrella (nautical fabrics for exterior use)
● Emap meccanica (mechanical components)
● IRS ingegneria realizzazioni speciali (structural carpentry)
● Mafos (idraulic system)
● Ebel (photovoltaic and electric system)
● Olfez (galvanizing)

Casa Ojalá, an Mobile Micro Home that Offers a New Accommodation Experience

Casa Ojalá, an Mobile Micro Home that Offers a New Accommodation Experience

Casa Ojalá, an Mobile Micro Home that Offers a New Accommodation Experience

Casa Ojalá, an Mobile Micro Home that Offers a New Accommodation Experience

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