Product DesignFurniture DesignCollection of Oak Furniture by Domus Arte Italia

Collection of Oak Furniture by Domus Arte Italia

Collection of oak furniture by Domus Arte (3)

The furniture manufactured from oak is definitely a quality one, and if creativity is present, this furniture can become charming. Such an interesting collection of oak furniture has been launched by the designers from Domus Arte. Characterized by a simple geometry but modern, the furniture inspires in the same time freshness and naturalness.

Collection of oak furniture by Domus Arte

The manner in which the surface of the furniture pieces was processed is the main point of attraction. The particular finish, that characterizes the cabinet or television commode, gives a touch of rustic, but in the same time, unique and exclusive. The used paint is harmless to health and it ensures resistance to the pieces of furniture. Domus Arte realizes this exclusive collection of oak furniture, with the help of 3 stratum processing for flat surface. The models are random and give uniqueness to the pieces of furniture.

Collection of oak furniture by Domus Arte (1)

Domus Arte Italia is a leader company in the market for solid furniture, the maximum of the experience and italian design for tasting fashionable solid oak.
As a suit in fact, your tailored furnishings, entirely personalized for better adapting to your request. Just for live in comfort and beauty, health respect of those who live the home, using only wood coming from FSC certificate forests. The maximum of design and the quality of solid oak to giving you the perfect handcrafts, modern product.
An established company that works in different markets, Europe, Russia and United States, collaborating with best designer and architectures of the moment. A continuously growth looking always for new challenges and new products to guarantee to our customers only the best.

Collection of oak furniture by Domus Arte (2)

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