Residential ArchitectureApartmentsColourful Urban Apartment For Art Lovers

Colourful Urban Apartment For Art Lovers

Colourful Urban Apartment For Art Lovers

Project: Colourful Urban Apartment
Interior Design: Kathy Kunz Interiors
Location: Berlin, Germany
Photo Credits: Sabīne Zoltnere Photography
Courtesy of Kathy Kunz Interiors

This newbuild project in Berlin featured great bones but was, essentially a white box. We used our clients wonderful collection of art and objects as the starting point for our colour and material palette. The essence of this project was to give the space personality and create a cosy home for the young family of three (plus Whippet, Zuki).

Colourful Urban Apartment For Art Lovers

We offered two colour proposals – one slightly more neutral and the other using a strong olive green in the open-plan kitchen as the anchor point. We were lucky that the clients decided to be brave and opt for the bolder version, which proved to be a rewarding choice.

Colourful Urban Apartment For Art Lovers

What was the brief?
The apartment needed a kitchen, colour concept and furnishing to complement some of the special pieces the clients had collected over the years. The clients wanted a cosy and family-suitable design.

kitchen, Kathy Kunz Interiors

Who are the clients and what’s interesting about them?
The husband grew up in the UK, whilst the wife was born and raised in Turkey. Their son is growing up trilingual.

kitchen, Kathy Kunz Interiors

What were the key challenges?
This apartment is part of a large newbuild complex which was behind schedule by approximately one year. This meant we had to put everything on hold again and again. The kitchen was already built and had to be stored by the carpenters until handover was complete. The clients had to go into temporary accomodation. It took a lot of patience and perseverence on all sides.

Colourful Urban Apartment For Art Lovers

Colourful Urban Apartment For Art Lovers

bedroom, Kathy Kunz Interiors

floor plan

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