Residential ArchitectureApartmentsApartment Modernization in Maroussi, Greece / d_code Architects

Apartment Modernization in Maroussi, Greece / d_code Architects

Apartment Modernization in Maroussi

d_code Architects have modernized this apartment, bringing down the walls to unify the kitchen with the living room. The apartment has an area of 80 square meters and is located in Maroussi, Attiki, Greece.

The apartment owners asked for a proposal in order to remodel the living room and kitchen spaces of their apartment. Those spaces where separated with brick walls and there was no dining table. The proposal, which came to life, was to unify them by bringing down the walls and by embodying the concrete column that was revealed in a piece of furniture that works as dining table from the one side and as a help table from the other.
Apartment Modernization in Maroussi 1 A floating, single board oak floor was placed over the existing tiles , with which the stairs of the apartment were covered. The rest of the furniture of the apartment was also designed to comply with the new identity. The kitchen was replaced with a white synthesis which contrasts the dark grey color that was chosen for several wall surfaces. Emphasis was given to the light study and the selection of lighting units. The result is a unified , multi functional space with a renewed atmosphere.

Architects: d_code Architects
Project: Apartment Modernization in Maroussi
Project team: Panos Kountouras, Lida Ditsa
Location: Maroussi, Attiki, Greece
Area: 80 sqm
Cost: 30.000,00 euro
Photography: Christos Kontsaloudis

Apartment Modernization in Maroussi 2

Apartment Modernization in Maroussi 3

Apartment Modernization in Maroussi 4

Apartment Modernization in Maroussi 5

Apartment Modernization in Maroussi 6

Apartment Modernization in Maroussi 7

Apartment Modernization in Maroussi 8

Apartment Modernization in Maroussi 9

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