Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment with a Defining Mixture of Styles

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Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment

Designer: Remember Design
Project: Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment
Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan
Photos courtesy of Remember Design

From the architect: Have you ever thought of entering a different world after opening a door? One can experience various motifs behind the doors at home with innocence exudes in every ordinary detail.

Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment 1

This contemporary Hsinchu apartment balances materials, styles, colors, and shades in ways to reflect its peaceful unpretentious nature. Simplicity does not mean boring. Combining different styles does not mean chaotic. Catering to the needs of family members of different ages, the space combines practicality and relaxation without extravagance while offers conduits to life itself.

Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment 2

The modern style brings easiness and allows people to get away from the mundane affairs. The industrial style goes against the trends and advances to an undeniable position in history. The classical style’s elegance reflects one’s maturity and inner self. The American casual style mixes with the slightly restrictive architectural concrete challenges the possibilities of space utilization. The combination of these different styles liberates the limitations of space and lets people and space attain a comfortable symbiotic relationship.

Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment 3

The space can still be arranged in a visually ordered fashion albeit with a mixture of multiple styles. The ordinary and relaxed atmosphere reminds one a detail, a feeling, or a forgotten memory. One would want to cease the moments and fill up his or her inner being and the surrounding environment with tidbits of life.

Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment 4

Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment 5

Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment 6

Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment 7

Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment 8

Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment 9

Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment 10

Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment 11

Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment 12

Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment 13

Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment 14

Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment 15

Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment 16

Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment 17

Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment 18

Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment 19

Contemporary Hsinchu Apartment 20

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