HDB Apartment in Singapore / IN-EXPAT Group

HDB Apartment in Singapore IN-EXPAT Group

Designer: IN-EXPAT Group
Project: HDB Apartment
Location: Singapore
Area: 1,012 sq ft
Year 2018
Photography: Courtesy of IN-EXPAT

In dealing with newly built HDB apartments, the challenge often is to craft spaces that feel spacious and meet the household’s needs at the same time. That said, such apartments often offer a fresh canvas for creative ideas.

HDB Apartment in Singapore IN-EXPAT Group 1

For this 1,012 sq ft HDB apartment, the challenge was to introduce industrial elements while retaining a polished look. Some of the elements incorporated were white brick walls, cement screed surfaces, a magnetic wall at the kitchen entrance for art and messages, and well-appointed lighting and furniture. In place of a conventional dining table is a customised bar counter for a casual ambience.

HDB Apartment in Singapore IN-EXPAT Group 2

Extensive work done in the master bedroom included converting an adjacent bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe and connecting it to the bed area. Glass separates the two spaces for more visual space. A mirror-clad wardrobe enhances the flow of natural light. These elements supported the emphasis on volumes and lines, which produced the engaging three-dimensional spaces defining this home.

HDB Apartment in Singapore IN-EXPAT Group 3

kitchen, IN-EXPAT Group 4

living room, IN-EXPAT Group 5

HDB Apartment in Singapore IN-EXPAT Group 6

HDB Apartment in Singapore IN-EXPAT Group 8

HDB Apartment in Singapore IN-EXPAT Group 9

bedroom, IN-EXPAT Group 10

bedroom, IN-EXPAT Group 11

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