Product DesignLighting DesignDesigner Samuel Wilkinson Has Chosen to Redefine the Bulbs Filament

Designer Samuel Wilkinson Has Chosen to Redefine the Bulbs Filament

Designer Samuel Wilkinson has chosen to redefine filament bulbs - Plumen (8)

Plumen 001 is a bulb made by the British designer Samuel Wilkinson in collaboration with Hulger. The designer has proposed himself to bring something new in the lighting domain and he has chosen to redefine the bulbs filament. The result is this beautiful light bulb with an elegant sculptural form which ensures us a  low power consumption.

Usually, the low power consumption light bulbs, as we know them, are not left directly on sight because they have an unattractive fluorescent light. The designer argues that his intention was to design a new dynamic identity for a un low energy cfl light bulbs filament. The glass tubes of the light bulbs have a harmonious shape and are designed to delight the eye and make show.

Redefine the Bulbs Filament In contrast with the spectacular appearance of Plumen 001, the recently launched 002 adopts a more subtle and sculptural form. Plumen 002 has a more simplistic and poetic design in order to give a warmer light to the ambient spaces. Designer Samuel Wilkinson achievement has been rewarded with several awards, the product being included in several collections.

Redefine the Bulbs Filament It’s easy to buy into the energy-saving features of compact fluorescent light bulbs. They use a fraction of the energy that traditional incandescent bulbs consume, they take a nice bite out of the electricity bill, and they’re better for the environment. But the look? Not so appealing. Until now…

Redefine the Bulbs Filament

Designer Samuel Wilkinson - Plumen (5)

Designer Samuel Wilkinson has chosen to redefine filament bulbs - Plumen (4)

Designer Samuel Wilkinson - Plumen (7)

Designer Samuel Wilkinson - Plumen (3)

Redefine the Bulbs Filament

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