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FAVN Sofa by Jaime Hayon and Fritz Hansen

FAVN sofa by Jaime Hayon and Fritz Hansen (1)

In Danish language, FAVN means embrace. This sofa is the result of the creative collaboration between Jaime Hayon and Fritz Hansen. “I wanted the sofa to be based on a shell. A shell being hard on the outside, soft and welcoming on the inside. I wanted to create a form that embraces you, something really organic – that’s why we named it FAVN”. The FAVN sofa includes a mix of three fabrics in accordance with the three main components: the shell, seat and back and decorative cushions. Definitely if the client wants a single fabric option, he can choose this option.

FAVN sofa by Jaime Hayon and Fritz Hansen (3)

FAVN sofa is available in 10 attractive colors: light grey, sage green, clear beige, taupe, chocolate, moutarde, red, violet, dark blue and black. The legs of the sofa are made of aluminum. The range of accessories that the sofa is provided with, includes decorative cushions and large felt glides for soft floors. FAVN is an evolution of Fritz Hansen’s design language that brings together the qualities of Spanish and Danish design.


The shell consists of two parts; a base and a back shell, both are made from hard polyurethane foam with fiberglass reinforcement. Both parts have an embedded steel frame and the base is mounted nozag springs as well. The base and back shell are assembled with 6 steel brackets and Hex screws (can also be disassembled for moving with a Hex key no.4). The outside of the back shell and base is covered with a thin, soft layer of polyurethane foam and wadding.

The base consists of 4 legs in three parts; an upholstered trumpet matching the base shell, a satin polished aluminium cylinder leg and a felt glide to protect the floor (1 set of large glides are included with the sofa free of charge)

FAVN sofa by Jaime Hayon and Fritz Hansen

FAVN sofa by Jaime Hayon and Fritz Hansen (2)

FAVN sofa by Jaime Hayon and Fritz Hansen (5)

furniture design by Jaime Hayon and Fritz Hansen (4)

interiors by Jaime Hayon and Fritz Hansen (6)

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