Residential ArchitectureFootbridge in Lužec nad Vltavou

Footbridge in Lužec nad Vltavou

Footbridge in Lužec nad Vltavou

Project: Footbridge in Lužec nad Vltavou
Author: Petr Tej, architect and bridge engineer; Marek Blank, architect;
Jan Mourek, bridge engineer
Client: Municipality Lužec nad Vltavou
Project location: Municipality Lužec nad Vltavou, Czech Republic
Dimension: Span 130m
Completion year: 2020
Photographer: BoysPlayNice

Lužec nad Vltavou is a village in Bohemia near Mělník in the picturesque floodplain landscape of the Vltava River. Since 1907, when the lateral canal between the villages Hořín and Vraňany was built, it has been the only village in the Czech Republic that lies on the island with its entire territory. The island is also the largest island on the Vltava River.

Footbridge in Lužec nad Vltavou

The footbridge runs across the innavigable river flow between the villages of Lužec nad Vltavou and Bukol. The bridge is on the long-distance north-south cycle route EuroVelo 7 leading from Sweden to Sicily.

Footbridge in Lužec nad Vltavou

The architectural design is based on the lightness and subtlety that are made possible by the technologically extremely advanced material UHPFRC (ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concrete).

Footbridge in Lužec nad Vltavou

The footbridge is conceived as a suspended structure with one pylon and two fields with spans of 30 + 100 m. The main field crosses the river with a width of 70 m. The bridge deck is led in a high-rise arch with a radius of 777 m and is composed of directly walking prefabricated segments from UHPFRC. The hinges consist of 17 pairs of locked steel ropes.

Footbridge in Lužec nad Vltavou

The bridge deck was mounted on the fixed ring above the banks. The part above the river was mounted as a free cantilever. The bridge deck is connected with two free cables.

All elements of the structure are unified and dematerialized by tones of medium gray color.

The footbridge is connected with the landscape by a newly planted oak alley along the road on the Bukol side. The oak trees will grow to the height of the pylon.

Footbridge in Lužec nad Vltavou

Petr Tej, Marek Blank and Jan Mourek are a group of engineers and architects who are dedicated to the projection of architectural and structural designs, and to the realization of UHPFRC bridge structures (Holešovice-Karlín Bridge in Prague, Příbor Bridge, Bridge over the Dřetovický stream, etc.).

Petr Tej (09/16/1978 – Mělník, Czech Republic) is an architect and bridge engineer. Marek Blank is an architect, and Jan Mourek is a bridge engineer. All co-authors are members of the CTU of the Klokner Institute in Prague

Footbridge in Lužec nad Vltavou

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