Fueled Collective Office – Interior Inspired by Victorian London

Fueled Collective office

Fueled is a company that develops mobile applications, an activity that requires a lot of creativity and thinking out-of-the-box. With offices in several cities, the company operates like an incubator with a collective that connects several small start ups. Fueled Collective has appealed to Homepolish studio to think and design the new offices from New York focusing on the collective spaces such as the snack room, lounge areas and the fun and relaxation space.

Because the new Fueled offices serve over 30 start-ups homes, one of the project objectives was to encourage the commitment and collaboration between the various working groups. The basic idea was the interior to imitate the Victorian London and the comfort to be at a similar level of a welcoming home.

Fueled office in New York

Based on this idea, designer Danielle Arps from Homepolish with help from Payton Swenson and Homepolish cofounder Noa Santos has insisted on the comfortable leather furniture, on the usage of wood with dark colors from the earthy color range and on subdued wall colors. Also, the designers have included chalk drawings on the wall, shelves made of crates and also lots of exposed light bulbs. All these are designed to keep the space feeling comfortable and cozyPhotographs by Claire Esparros.

Fueled Collective office by Homepolish

Welcome New York Office - Fueled

Fueled Collective - steampunk

Fueled Collective officein New York

Fueled office - Victorian London style

Armchair vintage

Fueled Collective office - interior inspired by Victorian London (13)

Fueled Collective office - interior

Homepolish interior design

Industrial ligts

Inspired by Victorian London

London - Victorian edge

Interior design inspired by Victorian London - Homepolish

Steampunk lights

Fueled - New York

Retro-vintage product

Fueled Collective office for start up - New York

Fueled interior inspired by Victorian London

Vintage interiors by Homepolish

Fueled - interior design in New York

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