Residential ArchitectureHainan Ocean Flower Resort in China by LAVA

Hainan Ocean Flower Resort in China by LAVA

Hainan Ocean Flower Resort by LAVA (1)

LAVA’s design for a new 7 star ‘water drop’ hotel is based on the simple, natural geometry of a water drop. Flower Resort is located on an artificial island in China.

Water + Architecture – rocks formations created by water erosion, sea caverns, ripples – is the design inspiration. Flower Resort is located on a new man-made petal shaped island, linked by a bridge to the island of Hainan. It will house a mix of commercial, retail, leisure [from opera to ice skating] and convention facilities, offices and luxury residential, in cascading building forms.

Hainan Ocean Flower Resort by LAVA (2)

The island is zoned by seasons: ‘winter wonderland’, ‘amber autumn’. Liquefied geometry links the hotel form to the surrounding water, integrating spaces above and below the water line including an elevated green space. The smooth flowing semi symmetrical geometry of natural ripples informs the hotel marina that seamlessly connects to the hotel base to create an exclusive water experience on each side of the hotel tower.

Hainan Ocean Flower Resort by LAVA (3)

A central glass atrium brings natural light and air into the hotel areas. Sustainable features include a bio filtration system, solar energy, wind generation and water collection. Construction of the island has started and the hotel is due for completion in 2020.

Architects: LAVA – Laboratory for Visionary Architecture
Location: Hainan Island, China
Client: Evergrande
Status: Under construction, due for completion 2020

Hainan Ocean Flower Resort by LAVA (4)

Hainan Ocean Flower Resort by LAVA (5)

Hainan Ocean Flower Resort by LAVA (6)

Hainan Ocean Flower Resort by LAVA (7)

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