Robatayaki Michelin Chef Restaurant

Robatayaki Michelin Chef Restaurant

Project by URO Design Concepts

Robatayaki (ろばたやき, robatayaki) is a traditional Japanese cooking method, originating from the Japanese fishing village culture. Fishermen grill the seafood freshly caught from the sea on the beach over charcoal fire and pass the food to each other using paddles. Legend has it that a general came to the beach to taste the taste and was unforgettable for a long time. So after returning to the city, he also ordered people to build a large sand table in the house and put charcoal fire and seafood on it for barbecue. Over time, it became a form of barbecue enjoyed by nobles.

One of the most famous robatayaki restaurants in Japan, Tanakaya, even continues the custom of serving dishes with wood pulp, and all the ingredients are grilled to order in front of you. The atmosphere of the entire restaurant is warm and unrestrained, and diners enjoy the delicious food. This is completely different from the forbearance and restraint of another Japanese cuisine, “Kaiseki”.

The process of grilling over charcoal retains the original flavor of the ingredients, making them delicious and juicy. Robatayaki emphasizes simplicity and originality, without the need for excessive condiments or complicated cooking steps. Therefore, we also integrated the essence of Robatayaki into every design detail. The interior pursued a natural and unpretentious style, showing simplicity and originality in a unique way. For the presentation of ingredients, Robatayaki adopts the method of the cook holding a wooden paddle and shouting loudly, just like a sacred meal opening ceremony.

dining area

We wanted to embody a wild and luxurious atmosphere, using original ecological materials to show texture. Design, like food, does not require excessive decoration and complicated cooking steps. For Robatayaki, the selection and quality of ingredients are crucial as they directly determine the final taste and texture. Therefore, robatayaki may look rough, but when you go deeper into it, you can feel a different kind of luxurious texture, just like the restaurant itself. This is also our design concept.

The oars and wooden beams complement each other, subtly blending the past fishermen’s style with modern culinary arts, forming a unique decorative landscape that is also an emotional transmission and cultural expression.

This cooking method mainly focuses on the ingredients themselves, integrating the nature and simplicity of Japanese culture, allowing diners to get close to the original deliciousness of the ingredients. The overall use of wild but restrained finishes is intertwined with the freshness of the ingredients and the nature of the environment, showing that the true beauty of the ingredients is vividly presented, and the pyrotechnic flavor is rich and unconventional.

A log seems to be a witness to history, traveling through the tunnel of time. Its unique grain and texture allow diners to feel a simple and profound emotion in it. The log installation represents the chefs’ constant challenge and exploration of the culinary world.

In the indoor space, you will not only feel the soul of Robatayaki, but also appreciate the nature and simplicity of Japanese culture. The smell of fireworks rises gently in the darkness, and the essence of the ingredients blooms in simplicity.


dining area

reception area


Bar-analysis-diagram 2

Robatayaki Michelin Chef Restaurant

Robatayaki Michelin Chef Restaurant

floor plan

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