Home Zandpad / Studio Modijefsky

Home Zandpad / Studio Modijefsky

Project: Home Zandpad
Design: Studio Modijefsky
Team: Esther Stam, Moene van Werven, Felicia Urena, Agnese Pellino
Location: Nieuwersluis, The Netherlands
Program: Residential
Assignment: Interior design
Status: Executed June 2023
Size: 221 m2 interior
Photo Credits: Maarten Willemstein
Collaboration for design and execution of the the extension with Architecten Bureau Jules Zwijsen

Home Zandpad is a 17th century building in the middle of a green oasis, with a river on one side and an orchard and garden on the other. In its previous incarnations it has been an inn, bakery, and café, resulting in lots of small rooms spread across different levels. A desire to transform it into a modern family home required a rebuild from the ground up. All that would remain would be the 17th century façade. As it was impossible to extend the boundaries of the house, Studio Modijefsky was involved from the start to ensure the space’s maximum potential could be realised for a family that loves gardening, cooking and entertaining.


The small rooms have been replaced with an open design that makes the most of the views around the house, culminating in a floor-to-ceiling glass façade at the back. This stunning vista reveals the heart of the creative concept: the lush, verdant fields enveloping Home Zandpad.

Everything has been done to bring their natural beauty indoors, whether through one of the many windows or via green accents in the terrazzo, tiles or painted walls. As the house enjoys uninterrupted 360 degree views of its surroundings, windows were positioned to ensure that natural light flows in at every part of the day.

A neutral colour palette compliments the greenery, in a small range of materials and colours that create a coherent interior with subtle differences across the rooms and floors.

Home Zandpad / Studio Modijefsky

Ground Floor
Open the main door to Home Zandpad and you’ll find yourself in the central hallway. This offers an immediate overview of the home’s split levels: a large staircase leads upstairs; a small stairway descends to the wine cellar in the basement; a chimney, covered with handmade cream-coloured tiles, climbs all the way up to the roof to connect all three levels. The hallway’s height, reaching up to two storeys, gives this wide corridor an intimate feel, before it narrows into a small passage that leads to the main living space.


In line with the design concept, the first thing you see when arriving in the hallway is a wall in a dark bottle green shade. Light flowing in from the back façade entices you to turn the corner and enter the heart of the home: the cooking and dining area. To reach it, you cross a poured floor, which is a warm grey colour. It’s the same throughout the entire ground floor, connecting each space and establishing a welcoming atmosphere.

dining area

The kitchen is an inviting open-plan space with a cooking island that has a terrazzo top. As with the terrazzo for every Studio Modijefsky project, this is a carefully composed blend for which the colour, cement and stones are chosen to create a different result every time.

The kitchen walls and the counter positioned against the back wall are lined with the same terrazzo blend, which is also used to frame the windows here.


The kitchen merges seamlessly into a dining area next to the floor-to-ceiling glass façade. A couch is furnished in a heavier, more outspoken shade of green to distinguish it from the kitchen.

All the doors in the façade can be opened, so on a summer’s day it feels like you’re in the middle of nature. In a few seconds you can pop outside to pick some herbs from the garden while cooking, go for a stroll to look at boats on the river, or enjoy a dinner party on the terrace.

The more private areas of the home are located behind the living room wall, which also features a large custom cabinet.

Home Zandpad / Studio Modijefsky The master bedroom and bathroom are finished in a palette of subtle greens, two tones of wood and handmade tiles. The bathroom features a different terrazzo blend than the kitchen, with green, warm white and pink pastel marbles that blend nicely with the surrounding colours. It’s used for the sink and counter-top of an eye-catching block that serves as washbasin and countertop.

In the master bedroom custom wooden cabinets, a tall mirror, rustic plaster and an elegant wooden bedframe are complimented by playful bed lights on each side of the bed.

living area, fireplace

The final room on the ground floor is a study, located behind the chimney on the other side of the house. It’s set on a spilt level and accessed via a wooden staircase. Unlike the rest of the ground floor, the study has a wooden floor, marking it out as a space for solitude.

Custom furniture facilitates working days during the week, and contemplation and concentration the rest of the time. A built-in fireplace creates a snug mood, best enjoyed from a comfortable seat from which you can savour the fire and a peaceful view of the river Vecht.


An elegant wood-finished staircase takes you to the first floor, which hosts two children’s bedrooms, a bathroom and toilet. To create a characterful atmosphere (and provide much needed storage space) Studio Modijefsky wanted to make the most of the light and height provided by a sloping roof. The angle of the roof allows light accents at the top and discreet storage cabinets beneath, which line the hallway connecting the rooms.

A neutral colour palette in every room enhances the daylight streaming in. Narrow wooden planks were used for the flooring to create a more intimate feeling than the poured floor downstairs. The bathroom has a more outspoken green colour palette applied over a range of tiles and a terrazzo sink.

The first bedroom has the chimney next to it and a window overlooking the void that connects the bedroom with the ground floor; the second bedroom offers elevated views over the beautiful setting of Home Zandpad.

Home Zandpad / Studio Modijefsky



Home Zandpad / Studio Modijefsky

Home Zandpad / Studio Modijefsky

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