Illa by Teehee – Designed to Facilitate Interaction Between Family Members

Illa by Teehee

Illa is designed to facilitate interaction between family members by playing, relaxing and during everyday child care. Designed with longevity and flexibility in mind, the crib, with two point adjustable mattress height, converts into a toddler bed that can be used as seating, well beyond the nursery years. The low table has multiple uses as well: changing table, desk and bench. Additionally, Illa has a baby changing table accessory which is detachable.

The diverse hanging and storage solutions enable you to customize your Illa unit making it adaptable to the user’s ever changing needs and tastes to keep the product for a life time.

Illa by Teehee 1

Illa has been born and manufactured in Europe, crafted by highly-skilled furniture makers and made with FSC certified Scandinavian 18 mm birch plywood.

Illa by Teehee 2

Dolors Teixidor is the founder and designer of Teehee. She studied design in Barcelona and she worked in several architecture and design offices as an interior and furniture designer. Her interest in discovering new ways of living brought her, her husband and son to live in San Francisco and The Netherlands where she continued working in the design industry, this time as a creative director for a furniture brand. The work and life experiences gave her a new perspective to start a new project: Teehee. Moved by positivity, Teehee is a kid’s furniture brand focused on quality of design and sustainability.

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