Marinemine – unique furniture made from old marine mines

Marinemine by Mati Karmin (9)

Marinemine project was started 5 years ago by the Estonian sculptor Mati Karmin, with the intention to creatively harness an old arsenal of old marine mines from the Russian communist period. Thus Mati Karmin gives us a bizarre collection of various supplies characterized by a striking style with shades of steampunk and post-apocalyptic. Even if it seems cold and hard, the metal was “heated” both by association with the upholstery leather, wood and glass and also through the purely domestic functions that were conferred to the mines.

Marinemine by Mati Karmin (8)

The mines abandoned after the 90s have canceled their destructive functions and turned into chairs and chandeliers, coffee tables, fireplaces and beds, bars and offices, thus putting themselves in service for people through the utility and comfort offered by these supplies. The history of these mines made on the Naissaar Island from the Gulf of Finland is exciting and can be read on Marinemine website.

Marinemine by Mati Karmin (4)

Marinemine by Mati Karmin (10)

Marinemine by Mati Karmin (11)

DCF 1.0

Marinemine by Mati Karmin (13)

DCF 1.0

Marinemine by Mati Karmin (1)

Marinemine by Mati Karmin (3)

DCF 1.0

Marinemine by Mati Karmin (2) (Custom)


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