Residential ArchitectureRenovation ProjectsLeaside Residence in Toronto / Studio JCI

Leaside Residence in Toronto / Studio JCI

Leaside Residence

Architect: Studio JCI
Project: Leaside Residence
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Area: 229 sqm

Designed by Studio JCI, this private residence is located on a typical infill lot in the Leaside community, Toronto, Ontario.

The design of this project as a renovation takes full advantage of the site to maximize the width of the house, creating larger principal rooms on the ground floor that maximizes entertaining space. While maintaining an open concept floor plan, a separation is thoughtfully maintained via millwork, defining the front living/dining space from the rear kitchen and family room. A large 14′ sliding door at the rear extends the living space onto the back deck in the warmer months, with the built-in barbeque becoming the outdoor extension of the kitchen.

Leaside Residence 1

Leaside Residence 2

Leaside Residence 3

Leaside Residence 4

Leaside Residence 5

Leaside Residence 6

Leaside Residence 7

Leaside Residence 8

Leaside Residence 9

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