Product DesignKhis Bathtub by Frants Seer

Khis Bathtub by Frants Seer

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Khis is the name of a bathtub made by Frants Seer, in three models and with three different finishing lines. Khis is made from wood and assembled by hand from the first component piece till the final finishing. The bathtub has a dark brown to almost black color due to the thermal processing of the wood, at a temperature of 215 °C.

This process, besides the aesthetic one, gives durability and high resistance to water. The final finishing is made through the eco-friendly processing, either by treating the wood with natural oil from seeds or by hot waxing. Optionally, the bottom part of the bathtub can be made either from wood or stone. Offering aesthetics and durability, Khis bathtub can be used inclusively outdoors.

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