Stool & Boxes Collection by Natalia Geci

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Stool & Boxes Collection by Natalia Geci

Stool & boxes collection is the ultimate furniture project created by Argentinean designer Natalia Geci. The wooden base comes in ash, oak or cherry. A groove carved on the top allow objects to be stacked onto it. It can be used as a stool or it can support several boxes stacked on top of each other. The boxes are laser cut and lacquered and come with or without a drawer. They are square so can be arranged to face any direction.

Stool & Boxes Collection by Natalia Geci

Stool & Boxes Collection by Natalia Geci 2

Stool & Boxes Collection by Natalia Geci 1

Stool & Boxes Collection by Natalia Geci 3

Stool & Boxes Collection by Natalia Geci 4

Stool & Boxes Collection by Natalia Geci 5

Stool & Boxes Collection by Natalia Geci 6

Stool & Boxes Collection by Natalia Geci 7

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