Residential ArchitectureRenovation ProjectsMacdonough Brownstone by Sonya Lee Architect

Macdonough Brownstone by Sonya Lee Architect

Macdonough Brownstone by Sonya Lee Architect

Project: Macdonough Brownstone
Architects: Sonya Lee Architect
Location: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Size: 2400 sq ft
Photo Credits: Mark Wickens
Courtesy of Sonya Lee Architect

Located on a tree-lined street in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, this late-1800s, three-story brownstone had been held within a family for decades- and with it, fell into disrepair and in desperate need of a thorough renovation. Windows had decayed, leaving large gaping holes to the elements beyond, building systems in archaic fashion and a lemon-lime themed kitchen that had been clumsily renovated in the early 1990s. The 1970s weren’t kind to the house either — a deep blood red wall-to-wall carpet covered each floor and was complimented with a patchy stucco interior finish; we stripped all of these finishes back to the historic bones, sensitively restoring what remained and introducing contemporary elements where relevant. Detailed inlaid wood, decorative plaster and wood moldings of a different era were carefully returned to their former glory.

kitchen, Sonya Lee Architect

Modern kitchen and baths were introduced with clean details, a soft palette of materials, and more comfortable proportions for modern living. Like most New York city dwellings, storage was lacking and we inserted custom cabinetry throughout.

kitchen, Sonya Lee Architect

Macdonough Brownstone by Sonya Lee Architect

Macdonough Brownstone by Sonya Lee Architect

staircase, Sonya Lee Architect

living space, Sonya Lee Architect

Macdonough Brownstone by Sonya Lee Architect

living room, Sonya Lee Architect

bedroom, Sonya Lee Architect

kids room, Sonya Lee Architect

bathroom, Sonya Lee Architect

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