Residential ArchitectureRenovation ProjectsMeschter Residence by Skylab Architecture

Meschter Residence by Skylab Architecture

Meschter Residence by Skylab Architecture

Project: Meschter Residence
Architects: Skylab Architecture
Builder: Metcalf Construction
Location: Portland, Oregon
Area: 4,582-square-foot
Photo Credits: Stephen Miller / Skylab
Text and photos: Courtesy of Skylab Architecture

Meschter Residence by Skylab Architecture

Located in NW Portland hills, the Meschter Residence is a remodel and expansion of a mid-century modern residence. The new home is nestled in a lush Pacific Northwest wooded landscape and a secluded courtyard, connecting with the pine forest. The home is positioned to capture spectacular views of the hills and beyond to the west.

Meschter Residence by Skylab Architecture

Inspired by Kandinsky’s abstract artwork, the residence is a collage of spaces made for a growing family. The three wings of the timber-framed house on the ground level create circulation along the landscaped courtyard, garden, and pool.

Meschter Residence by Skylab Architecture

Within the original wing, the kitchen is expanded and relocated closer to the main entrance with an addition of an open dining room. The adjacent wing is a casual living area and office space with views of the horizon and pool.

living room, Skylab Architecture

The third sleeping wing addition includes three ground floor garden-access bedrooms and one elevated second level master suite. A new transparent staircase was designed as a key focal element of the new wing, leading to the master suite. The pool addition further expands the house to create an outdoor living room and a second kitchen counter for entertaining.

bedroom, Skylab Architecture

bathroom, Skylab Architecture

stairs, Skylab Architecture


Meschter Residence by Skylab Architecture

outdoor, Skylab Architecture

pool, Skylab Architecture

pool, fireplace, Skylab Architecture

Meschter Residence by Skylab Architecture

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