Modern cat furniture with innovative design

modern cat furniture

Since the beginning of civilization, man tamed animals and they have become his helpful partners, his companions or his friends. Many modern families have pets and these little friends require respect, adapted personal place and lots of attention. If your pet is a cat, then you are definitely familiar with the strong personality, the elegance and amazing mobility of the feline.  Well, these aristocratic creatures need their own tree to climb in inside your home otherwise they might see your library as one.

Inspired by love for cats, The Refined Feline brings a new dimension to pet space in our homes, a modern cat furniture. The tree I was talking about or a tower for your cat may be an attractive and imaginative piece of furniture, adapted to your style and personality, not to mention, to those of your cat. Well, your cat is now free to jump on the shelves, as they were especially and beautifully created for it. The shelves are either in the form of clouds or they have the majestic silhouette of a cat.
modern cat furniture

As I have mentioned the aristocratic nature of the little felines, well the team from The Refined Feline built a tower for your cat to climb on and look around with its terrible eyes. The Lotus Cat Tower looks elegant and in the same time Zen and finds easily its place in any room. Its shape makes me think that a cat would simply adore it.
cat furniture

If a tower is not sumptuous enough for your royal friend, after all a close relative to the king of the animals, then I would suggest a castle. The catemporary cat castle looks joyful, colorful and distinguished. I found it really spectacular!

modern cat furniture - shelves

Another interesting piece of furniture dedicated to the feline is The Iglu Cat Bed. Made of hand woven faux rattan, this exclusive bed is meant to resist to scratches. The designers thought of practical aspects as well and made the interior cushion detachable and that can be machine washed. In the same time, the cat’s dormitory may be an interesting table for your room.
cat furniture

If we speak about beds, we cannot ignore the Kitty Ball Cat Bed that has two spectacular forms: The Espresso model and The Bamboo Model. They both look joyful and extremely chic. Your feline may rest while watching around and may enjoy the pleasure of jumping in the bed! Respect the noble and graceful personality of your cat with innovative design furniture!

cat furniture

modern cat furniture

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