Innovative and inspired kitchen design with Snaidero

innovative and inspired kitchen design

Kitchen is the heart of any home, a distinguished space where love and inspiration join to motivate in preparing food. If living room may be a spectacular place for guests, it is kitchen that says most about a person and about the style of a home. Our journey in the world of innovative and inspired kitchen design begins with a famous Italian brand – Snaidero. Whenever I speak about an Italian brand, luxury, extravagance and elegance come to my mind.  Snaidero brings all these and much more. Creating kitchen furniture for more than half a century, the team from Snaidero distinguishes itself by quality products, the beauty of designs inspired by life itself, by the elegant and intelligent ways of optimizing domestic space.

One of the features of Snaidero products is that their conception is meant to defy time and fashion trends and to be “beautiful, forever”. As I am in love with curved lines, my first choice from Snaidero is OLA20. Inspired by natural forms of islands and peninsulas the OLA20 kitchens are simply a dream. The impression of movement and softness that only curved lines can create is wonderfully underlined by this concept. No matter if it is black, white or silver; such a kitchen would definitely surprise and charm any visitor and would make any cook at ease and stimulate inspiration for preparing delicious meals. These beautiful curved lines let light softly caress the interior creating an atmosphere of dream and peace.

innovative and inspired kitchen design

Having a name and shape that remind me of a space ship, the new model Skyline 2.0 is nonconformist, colorful and very practical. Developed from the idea “all around you”, Skyline is both comfortable and chic. I adored the yellow version as it brings joy and light. Skyline does not miss the nice curved lines as well. As I am very energetic person and in a trendy eternal rush, I would like such a kitchen, where all is close to me, facilitating my moves and saving precious time! My third choice of a kitchen is Certosa. This concept has a beautiful, conservative and traditional approach, which has the capacity of bringing warm home atmosphere. For those who are not very fond of modern lines and feel more comfortable in a classical background, this is the choice to make. Certosa may not be very spectacular, but it has a sumptuous still warm air. I have to admit that it was really hard to choose only three kitchen models from Snaidero, as everything they do is elegant, innovative and nice. Enjoy the images!

innovative and inspired kitchen design

innovative  kitchen design

inspired kitchen design

innovative and inspired kitchen design

inspired kitchen design

innovative kitchen design

innovative and inspired kitchen design

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