Modern living room with rustic accents. Several proposals and ideas

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Modern living room with rustic accents (18)

How attractive can a modern living room with rustic accents be? Warm, homely and welcoming, the rustic style remains one of the most beloved interior design styles. They say that the rustic style followers have sincere characters appreciating the authenticity and simplicity  of the decors. In the last years, the tendency to combine has increased. Bringing  the rustic ones by the modern elements, with the intent to imprint the interior, obtaining the desired warmth and comfort in a home. In a rustic decor, sofas, armchairs or pieces of furniture with modern design can immediately be fitted in. We will try to present  you some ideas about how we can change completely a modern living room with the help of some rustic elements. In such a living room, the natural element gives identity and the characteristic simplicity of the natural, it is found both in the colors  levels and textures used.

Modern living room with rustic accents (6)

1. The suitable colors for both styles, modern and rustic, are white, shades of gray and brown tones. The neutral colors, earth tones, as appropriated to nature are very well highlighted by the restful white of a modern living room

Modern living room with rustic accents (7)

2. Through the used materials , the rustic makes nature manifest in a modern living room with no false preciosity. The massive wood, natural stone, cork, colored glass, natural fabrics or wrought iron contribute to a relaxing and familiar atmosphere. We can decorate the ceiling with massive wood beams or we can choose to plate with stone a wall of the living room. The used wood and stone should have  a more raw and natural aspect. All these materials look wonderful on a white background that fully highlights them.

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3. For the boarded floor of a modern dining room, with rustic accents, a good choice can be wood, parquet or bordage. Also, natural stone or travertine can be a suitable  and attractive solution. Handmade woolen carpets, jute or cotton, with popular models from different cultures, refreshes very much the atmosphere and they fit well with elements of modern art.

Modern living room with rustic accents (10)

4. Leather is frequently encountered in rustic style. Animal skins as carpets are very expressive and mutually stand out with wood or stone floors. Carefully selected, the hunting or folk art decorative elements can make a very good impression. Ceramic and stained glass decorations match very well with the modern modular furniture. Often, rustic style decorators and objects artisans are used in furnishing. It is more expensive due to the fact that the materials are handmade; the rustic decor pieces have the advantage of a high quality and durability.

Modern living room with rustic accents (14)

5. If we choose to decorate the living room with rustic furniture, we should know that this furniture is made from wood and is less polished, eventually painted or manually carved. Also, it should  be noted that the authentic rustic furniture is very heavy, robust, with unpolished surfaces.

Modern living room with rustic accents (15)

6. In a modern living room, the successful presence of a rustic fireplace can be very effective and can become the main attraction in the beautiful evenings spent together with your family. Attention should be paid to some good documentation, because the random addition of some rustic elements to a modern living room can easily fail into a kitsch. We have realized a selection of living rooms, where modern and rustic are attractively combining and it can be a source of inspiration for some future furnishings. We hope you enjoy it!

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Modern living room with rustic accents (2)

Modern living with rustic accents (3)

Modern living room with rustic accents (8)

Modern living room with rustic accents (11)

Modern living room with rustic accents (4)

Modern living with rustic accents 19

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