Residential ArchitectureHousesMonterey Beach House by Sagan Piechota Architecture

Monterey Beach House by Sagan Piechota Architecture

Monterey Beach House

Monterey Beach House is a open and light Monterey coast home oriented toward the Pacific Ocean. This beach house was designed by San Francisco-based Sagan Piechota Architecture.

From the architect: Achieving a balance of airy openness and privacy, this 2,700 sf beachfront property slips neatly into a wedge on California’s striking Monterey coast. The open floor plan with master bedroom loft allows unrestricted views of the Pacific Ocean throughout. Large sliding and bi-folding glass doors open interior living areas directly onto the sand. Although nearly 60 percent glazing, the home maintains a sense of privacy created by exterior screens, gardens and operable shades and scrims.

Architect: Sagan Piechota Architecture
Project: Monterey Beach House
Location: Monterey, California, US
Area: 2,700 sq ft
Photography: Joe Fletcher

Monterey Beach House 1

Monterey Beach House 2

Monterey Beach House 3

Monterey Beach House 4

Monterey Beach House 5

Monterey Beach House 6

Monterey Beach House 7

Monterey Beach House 8

Monterey Beach House 9

Monterey Beach House 10

Monterey Beach House 11

Monterey Beach House 12

Monterey Beach House 13

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