ODA Architecture Proposes An Ultra-Slender Residential Tower in Manhattan

ODA Architecture Proposes An Ultra-Slender Residential Tower in Manhattan (1)

New York-based ODA Architecture have designed a new residential tower that creates wider green spaces and private gardens for residents. ODA Architecture, in their well-documented pursuit to improve the quality of urban life, designs the most expansive example yet of urban green space, and increased natural light, which have become hallmarks of the firm.

“There is a huge disconnect between how we live in our cities and what we need, as human beings, for quality of life. I don’t think that we should be forced to choose between enduring in the city, or escaping to suburban areas. So, with all of our projects we look for ways to amplify natural light and provide access to green spaces, and this is the ultimate example,” says Eran Chen, AIA, the founder and executive director of ODA Architecture .

ODA Architecture Proposes An Ultra-Slender Residential Tower in Manhattan (4)

The current trend towards ultra-slender residential towers in Manhattan reflects a seismic shift of global wealth towards the private sector. Traditionally, New York City’s skyscrapers stood as a testament to corporate dominance, but this new typology of super tall, thin buildings heralds both a new program and function and, as such, deserves a closer look. We believe that adaptation demands a new vocabulary of formal expression for these towers.

ODA Architecture, Manhattan, New York

True luxury evolves from the ability to have the best of multiple worlds without compromise, and in this tower, the best of urban living melds with the dream of a suburban backyard resulting in the ultimate urban fantasy.

ODA Architecture Proposes An Ultra-Slender Residential Tower in Manhattan (11)

By “stretching” the building vertically beyond its original program, we were able to create gaps, 16 feet in height, between every two floors. These gaps contain full floor sculptural gardens equal to the footprint of the building, and will be directly accessible from each apartment. As a result, every 2,800 square foot apartment will have a spectacular 1,400 square feet of an open private garden. The expansive height of the space will permit a suffusion of sunlight throughout. The central core and perimeter design will dramatically reduce the wind load without sacrificing the 360-degree view.

ODA Architecture Proposes An Ultra-Slender Residential Tower in Manhattan (10)

The result, while based on a simple idea, is both striking and fresh. It breaks through the purely functional to restore all that we have sacrificed, and with it, creating a new urban reality.

Project name: East 44th Street- Residential Tower 
Location: New York, NY
Architect: ODA Architecture New York
Total gross floor area: 116,731 sf
Number of floors: 41 Floors
Floor plate area: 2,700 sf
Number of units: 44 Units
Number of units with outdoor terraces: 11 Units
Total terrace area: 9,300 sf
Amenities area: 5,200 sf
Parking spaces: 9 spaces

ODA Architecture, green space

Manhattan (3)

ODA Architecture , plan 3

ODA Architecture , plan 2

ODA Architecture Proposes An Ultra-Slender Residential Tower in Manhattan

ODA Architecture, plan

ODA Architecture Proposes An Ultra-Slender Residential Tower in Manhattan

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