AD Architecture

Xie Peihe

Founded in 2015, AD Architecture takes win-win, coexistence, and consensus as its concept. AD Architecture intends to gather designers of common ideas to form a collaborative design team to develop local design. Its main practice includes architectural design, interior design, and soft decoration.
Focusing on design of villas, sales office, offices, clubs, and public spaces, the studio is committed to provide high-level architectural and interior designs with its professional position and innovative design concept. It’s goal is to create more creative designs.

Xie Peihe – Senior interior architect, founder and chief designer of AD Architecture, commits to the creation of interior space and space experience.
Design derives from life, so we extract emotional design inspiration and use rational design techniques to start every design from scratch, breaking inertial design thinking and making people have different experience and joy in every different space.

LOCATION: Shantou, China


Red Box Building by AD ARCHITECTURE

The Red Box project is located in Zhongsanhe Village, Xinxi Town, Longhu District, Shantou. The site is situated in the center of Xinxi Town, a 500m-diameter busy life circle which consists of markets, schools and hospitals

Troungree Boutique, Shantou / AD Architecture

Trongyee Boutique, Shantou / AD Architecture

AD Architecture recently reimagined a boutique for TROUNGREE, situated in Shantou, China, which sells clothing from designer brands. The interior design was approached based on the concept of “Deriving”. “Deriving” indicates evolution and developing something new from the matrix.

An Elegant Residence Purifying Your Mind, AD Architecture 7

An Elegant Residence Purifying Your Mind / AD Architecture

The project is located in a high-end residential community. In spite of the “high-end” positioning of the project, AD Architecture still endowed it with artistic features. Through feeling the beauty of pureness and quietness in space, the Studio created an elegant residence that purifies and eases people’s mind.

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