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Victor Cañas and Andrés Cañas / Cañas Arquitectos
Victor Cañas and Andrés Cañas / Cañas Arquitectos

About Cañas Arquitectos

Cañas Arquitectos is one of the most experienced and internationally decorated Costa Rican Arquitectural firm dedicated exclusively to Contemporary Design. Founded in 1972 by Victor Cañas, it’s focused exclusively on elevating the quality of life by designing spaces specially suited to the tropical climates, with a touch of poetry built in.

The firm was born at a time when the Costa Rican society had little or no exposure and understanding about how fabulous design is. Over the years, more people have been exposed to and educated in good design, thus it has become more valued and now Cañas Architects is recognized as one of Latinamerica’s architectural offices with a longer and most committed trajectory.

About Victor Cañas
Victor Cañas, was trained as architect at the Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, graduating in 1973. After graduating, he was granted a British Council Scholarship to do a postgraduate diploma in Urban Planning at the DPU, London University.

Mr.Cañas is co-founding professor of the Masters Degree Program on Tropical Architecture at the Universidad de Cost Rica, where he teaches Architectural Design Studios since 1989.

As visiting professor he has taught in universities in Mexico, Colombia, Japan, Thailand and Spain and has lectured profusely at local and international architectural congresses and seminars.

About Andrés Cañas
Andrés graduated from Veritas University in 2004 and has Product Design studies at Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. He is chief designer at CA.

He is an active sculptor, and Industrial designer. In 2005 he won first prize at the Véritas Furniture Bienal. and his work “sanación” was selected for the Bienal of Contemporary art – Bienarte 2011.

Andrés has done several collective and one man shows in National art galleries and Museums. He has been given the privilege of having one of his sculptures installed in the interior gardens of our Casa Presidencial.

LOCATION: San José, Costa Rica

Estancia y Ficus by Cañas Arquitectos 12

Estancia y Ficus by Cañas Arquitectos

Architects: Cañas Arquitectos Project: Estancia y Ficus Project Team: Architects Victor Cañas, Andrés Cañas, Ricardo Chaves, Sara Araya Location: San José Province, Escazu, Costa Rica Area 91.0 m2 Photography: Ricardo Chaves, Jordi Miralles Estancia y Ficus (room and ficus) is a 91 sqm open room designed by Cañas Arquitectos, a Costa Rican architectural firm founded

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