CMC Architects

CMC Architects is an international, 25-person studio of environmental design, urbanism and architecture, based in Prague, Czech Republic. CMC’s work includes a successful, award-winning seventeen-year history in holistic design of many types of projects in various scales and levels of complexity. The studio has worked in twelve different cities in seven countries, including the Czech Republic, Germany, Montenegro, Romania, the United States, the Ukraine and Viet Nam.

CMC Architects is a unique and carefully assembled team, which has collaborated internationally with world-renowned engineers, artists and architects. Partners David R. Chisholm and Vit Maslo combine for over 40 years of professional practice, and are ecological designers of sustainable projects and environments.

David Chisholm and Vit Maslo are involved in academic development now for over ten years, serving as sponsors, teachers and guest critics at the ARCHIP School of Architecture, the Czech technical faculties in Prague and Liberec.

LOCATION: Prague, Czech Republic

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