Dobleese Space&Branding

DOBLEESE Space & Branding

DOBLEESE Space & Branding was born in 2014 as an Architecture, Interior and Corporate Design studio under the direction of Sara Sánchez. The studio is specialized in the creation of revalorized spaces for a brand philosophy, working with big international consumer brands such as Damm, Ducati, Importaco, Zena Group, Zummo, among others. Its methodology materializes the concepts STRATEGY, FUNCTION, VALUE, EXPERIENCE AND NOTORIETY of a brand in a tangible and recognizable design for the user. Their projects are very varied, from offices, hotels, commercial premises, collectivities, showrooms, residential, ephemeral architecture, brand creations, promotional corners and product design. Nowadays, this variety of services is formed by a team of professionals in architecture, interior design and graphic design who develop their work in order to meet the needs of their customers of public and private companies.

LOCATION: Valencia, Spain

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