Oroneta House / DOBLEESE Space & Branding

Oroneta House by DOBLEESE Space & Branding

Project: Oroneta House
Interior design project: Dobleese Space&Branding
Architecture: RGB arquitectos
Location: Torre en Conill Betera, Valencia, Spain
Total Area Site: 2500 m2
Year 2020
Text and photos: Courtesy of Dobleese

Just 15 kilometers far from the center of Valencia we find a quiet environment surrounded by landscape for nature lovers, the Torre en Conill urbanization. And as a meeting point, a golf course, near which is this two-storey single-family house with a basement.

Oroneta House by DOBLEESE Space & Branding

The blend of volumes, the lighting that accompanies the volume of the Oroneta house and a detailed study of the outdoor areas make every centimeter of this 2,500 m2 plot a space for home enjoyment. The contrast created through materials and the lighting enhance the architecture, which subtly, is perceived from the main road; while opening onto the interior of the plot to allow transparency and vision of the surrounding landscape.

Oroneta House by DOBLEESE Space & Branding

From the landscaping study, we have projected an extensive garden, on which the house rests with its large outdoor terrace and a great pool with a built-in Jacuzzi. It is in this exterior point where routes are created for the walk that, offer a panoramic view over the plot itself and allow us to enjoy the landscape that the environment gives us.

A sculpture welcomed us at the entrance, with sinuous shapes made to measure with different steel finishes, by the artist Rafael Amorós. It is an allegory of the contrast of textures and colors of the facades.

open living area, DOBLEESE Space & Branding

Inside the home, the program is arranged through a chained distribution that allows the free circulation of plants and it is through materiality that the space dialogues internally and externally. The imitation wood cladding of the façade embraces a side of the house and is introduced on the ground floor, as a kitchen background and on the first floor as a headboard in the master bedroom, reinforcing the fusion effect between exterior and interior.

dining area, DOBLEESE Space & Branding

Ceramic material is undoubtedly the protagonist of interior spaces. A large-format, white-veined porcelain flooring runs through all the rooms, creating continuity and, in the case of the ground floor, covers one of the walls, helping to intensify the openness of the space. The kitchen, made up of columnar modules and a central island, is made with ceramic stone providing texture and warmth. Likewise, the natural stone used in the courtesy toilet with a mirror wall amplifies the space.

interior design, DOBLEESE Space & Branding

On the first floor, a mosaic of rose gold-colored hexagonal pieces covers the shower in the main bathroom, adding elegance to the piece. On the other hand, other design elements such as the choice of taps in bathrooms, the vertical decoration made on purpose for these spaces and the smoked glass used in the walk-in closet in the master bedroom, help to create that exclusive and elegant atmosphere.

Oroneta House by DOBLEESE Space & Branding

In the basement, an English courtyard illuminates the entertainment room and cinema. A banana garden is located on this level, providing light and life to the room, which is treated with a more subdued and friendly atmosphere through the colors, textures and vertical decoration.

bathroom, DOBLEESE Space & Branding

It should be noted that the lighting and the choice of furniture are not accidental: the customization of these elements and the “made-to-measure” in tune with the architecture favor to give life to the rooms and are used to provide each of their spaces with presence and quality.

Oroneta House by DOBLEESE Space & Branding

In conclusion, the Oroneta house combines landscaping, interior design and equipment specifically chosen for this single-family home where the interior atmosphere is in harmony with the environment.

Oroneta House by DOBLEESE Space & Branding

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