Field Architecture

Madrone Ridge House / Field Architecture

Madrone Ridge House, designed by Field Architecture, is a harmonious and environmentally conscious residence nestled in the picturesque valleys of Northern California.

12 Moons House by Field Architecture

The 12 Moons House sits along the highest of these quiet vineyard blocks, opening towards the expansive views of the valley below.

Dawnridge House by Field Architecture

Dawnridge House began by re-envisioning the site as a reawakened fragment of the natural environment. The project presents a powerful departure from the otherwise increasingly urban character ...

Zinfandel House in California Wine Country / Field Architecture

Rather than build a fortress against the elements, we designed Zinfandel house with an ethos of opening up to the environment, and participating in a deep and respectful dialogue with the land.

Sentinel Ridge Farmhouse Display Contemporary and Agrarian Aesthetics

On a dramatic mountain site high above the Napa Valley, we approached the project with a reverence for this particular protected land, and a strong prioritization of its multiple sensory experiences.